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By Joseph T. Gross

Zanies And Fools song by Chance the Rapper from Primary Album The-big-day. The music is composed and produced by Joel. Genre is Afrobeats, Pop, Soul Pop music. The Record company is unknown. Released on July 26, 2019.

Zanies And Fools Meaning

[[Intro: Darius Scott]
Well we must be some zanies and fools
To  take a gamble on this love just like we do
What  a wonderfully crazy thing to do
Love like magnets, we were powerless to choose
I’m so powerful every time I look at you
No  memory of anything I couldn’t do
It’s  possible, so possible

[Interlude: Chance the Rapper]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah,  yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Chance the Rapper]
Once upon a time I was unsure of myself
I would always claim I never had no help
Looking to the mirror, the most unfair of all
Hit  the Player’s Ball, it was unbearable
Another big birthday, another milestone
To make your birthstone feel like rhinestone
The caterpillars that had burrowed inside my belly
Started to flutter before I learned how to fly
I had a bunch of midlife crises ‘fore I turned twenty-five
The teachers put me in the back row, I was learning to hide
‘Cause when the teachers call you special, that’s the perfect disguise
I had to bury all the dancing that would burgeon inside
I got quiet, thought that silence was the perfect reply
I turn to Casper any time a nigga turn on the slide
Until I turned up at the talent show, a permanent high
I had Jesus behind the wheel before I learned how to drive
‘Cause it’s poss’…
, [Chorus]
It’s possible
It’s possible
It’s possible
It’s possible
It’s possible
It’s possible
It’s possible
It’s possible

[Verse 2: Chance the Rapper]
Once upon a time, a lady who tried twice
At being a good wife and giving a good life
To both of her lil’ girls with ballerina tights
She called up the RE/MAX and opened her own site
Closing open houses, hired her own type
Alimony is phony, she paid for her own flights
Crazy office parties, she’s throwin’ ’em inside
And my mama sealed my fate when she opened the invite
The lady had a plan, she knew it all in advance
The party was a good mixture of employees and friends
She told the people comin’ to make sure they bring their kids
Yeah, bring some food, but just make sure you bring your kids
After we arrived and after standing around
The lady tinked her glass and told us, “Gather around”
For a special performance from her daughters, she said it proud
“But tonight they not my daughters, tonight they Destiny’s Child”
Out from the back came three lil’ survivors
In formation, choreo tighter
One on the left, I think I might like her
One on the left, I think I might love her
Lady just folds her arms, rubs her hands
All of the lessons learned, how to dance
All of these moments left up to chance
Everything will go right as it can
It’s possible
, [Chorus]
It’s possible
It’s possible
(Vous allez accomplir, vous allez accomplir, allez)
It’s possible (Tu vas gagner)
It’s possible (Tu vas gagner)
It’s possible
It’s possible

[Verse 3: Chance the Rapper]
Once upon a time, I had carats supplied
To a pair of fair rings I would share with the bride
Every kiss begins with Claire’s cut clarity size
They were forever, but marriage had an apparent decline
Now we live in fear of doin’ what our parents was tryin’
So every Rapunzel don’t got the kind of hair you can climb
Ever since they lost a slipper, every pair that they find
They say these boots were made for dancing like Mary J. Blige
We live a life apart, life so hard
Life’ll never really end up like the start
We learned together how the back door feels
And we was jumping over brooms in tobacco fields
We was the same, all black folks still
Until the white man found out black votes steal elections
So they legitimized us, but behind us
It’s still black folks at the back door still
For every small increment liberated, our women waited
And all they privacy been invaded
Almost every trait I got through the slave owner gone
Skin brown, nose round, but the Bennett made it
Now I wanna give it to her, Sierra Leone, serenade
Sometimes love come with its own barricade
Sometimes love just gotta hold, marinate
Let it hold, let it wait, here it go, here it go
, [Chorus]
It’s possible (It’s possible)
It’s possible (It’s possible)
(Vous allez accomplir, vous allez accomplir, allez)
It’s possible (Tu vas gagner)
It’s possible (Tu vas gagner)
It’s possible
It’s possible

[Verse 4: Nicki Minaj]
Ayy, yo
Once upon a time, a girl from Trinidad
Had to fly to Canada and sneak into the land
Of the free and of the brave, feet under the sand
And I came in realizing nothing free in the land
Dreams of making money, had to split it with Sam
All that Making the Band, yeah, I could’ve did it, but damn
Rather really be on the come-up, had to stick to the plan
Went from rockin’ with Fendi, now Fendi know I’m a brand
That’s how God do, I’m in your top two
And I ain’t number two, conquered rap, then the pop too
You gon’ stop who? Get off cock, boo
Since “Itty Bitty Piggy,” giving bitches what they bop to
I met my husband when I was seventeen out in Queens
If you love it, let it go, now I know what that means
While he was up North for a body
I bodied everybody and got known for my body
My nigga home now, he the Clyde to my Bonnie
‘Bout to walk down the aisle and be a mommy
Ooh, I remember when I cried like, “Why me?”
Now I wouldn’t exchange my life for Armani
Sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming and then it hits me
Gotta remember who I am when it slips me
Kids running up to the car yelling, “Nicki”
All my bad bitches, I know that y’all with me
Fuck they thought was sittin’ in my seat?
Got a big bowl of ice cream sitting in my Jeep
Got some killers that’ll put you on ice, so don’t sleep
‘Bout to dead this whole beef and rock some gold teeth

[Outro: Nicki Minaj]
It’s possible, it’s possible
It’s possible to me]

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  1. What is the name of the producer of the lyrics for Zanies And Fools?

    This lirics prodiucer by Chance the Rapper, Peter CottonTale, Nico Segal, Nate Fox, Greg Landfair, Dwayne Verner Jr. & Carter Lang.

  2. Who is credited with writing the music and lyrics to this song? Zanies And Fools

    Zanies And Fools lyrics is written by Peter CottonTale, Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II, Nico Segal, Nate Fox, Dwayne Verner Jr., DIXSON, Carter Lang, Nicki Minaj, Chance the Rapper & Rodgers & Hammerstein

  3. What is the name of the featured of the lyrics for Zanies And Fools?

    The featured artist in the Zanies And Fools lyrics is DIXSON & Nicki Minaj

Zanies and Fools
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