Our Team

“Meet Our Team of Developers, Designers, Writers, and Translators”

Our team is a diverse group of professionals with a passion for music and a drive to create high-quality content for our audience. We have writers, translators, and SEO consultants who work together to ensure that our website provides the best possible experience for our visitors.

Cynthia G. Toups founder

Cynthia G. Toups

founder and writer

Alana H -categories A B

David S. Lodge – C and D

Emma – categories E F

Jamie Jordan -categories I,J

 June H – categories QR

Michael B. -categories M

 Wendy J. Evans – W

Olivia H -database Management

Olivia H is responsible for uploading and managing media content on our platform. She ensures that album tracks, artist photos, and other media elements are accurately and promptly added to our database.

Olivia H

database Manage

Miraz Ahmed is a developer and designer who played a key role in designing this website and managing the search console. He ensures the accurate integration of Google Analytics into our database.

Miraz Ahmed

developer and designer

Together, we work hard to provide the best possible experience for our audience and ensure that our website remains a go-to resource for anyone looking for great music content.

Our team members.