Vulnerable Free Cool lyrics Meaning


By Vincent N. Esquibel

Vulnerable Free Cool song by Kodak Black from Primary Album Back-for-everything. The music is composed and produced by Joel. Genre is Gangsta Rap, Trap, Florida Rap music. The Record company is Sniper Gang Records & Atlantic Records. Released on February 25, 2022.

Vulnerable Free Cool Meaning

In the world I be in
(Let the BandPlay)

[Verse 1]
I guess you wonder where I’ve been
I’m searchin’ to find a love within’
How you gon’ love me? I don’t love myself
All night flights, I’m neglectin’ my health
I’m totin’ hammers, chasin’ after death
Said I was vibin’ this time
I got a thing for you, baby, I don’t know what it is
Everybody love to hate me, I don’t know what I did
Ride on my face, baby, sit on my lip
I got yo’ water runnin’ (Mhm-mhm)
I want you to conceive my kid, pee on this stick
I think I did me somethin’ last time I was here
I’m so committed, I would die for what I live for
Some people may not ever find what they dreamed of
So loyal for you, I’ll go dive in the deep end
Sometimes might even compromise what I believe in

I miss my brother Cool, I’m out here by myself, it got me vulnerable
And I done been betrayed, don’t even care to hide it, crossed me in my face
Fucked over so much times it feels weird, somebody keeps it real
You’ll switch on anything and anybody, dawg, if you ain’t ridin’ for this
, [Verse 2]
I gave you all the game, I gave you all the information to hurt me
Sat down and taught you all the ways for you to hurt me
Killin’ my liver with the liquor and the Perkys
Thanks for the losses and the gains on this journey
Wanna kill my niggas, but I really wanted help from ’em
I got some things buried, I still ain’t never healed from it
You fooled me once, you can’t get the good me a second way
Matter fact, I lost track of myself in the first place

I miss my brother Cool, I’m out here by myself, it got me vulnerable
I’m walkin’ ’round with my hands out beggin’ for love
I need anybody
God know peace and nothing’s private
I can’t do nothin’ private
I miss my brother Cool, I’m out here by myself, it got me vulnerable
You left me in the cold with nobody to warn me
Nobody understood me ’cause nobody know me
Came back to let you know that even though you hurt me, I can’t let you go]
Vulnerable (Free Cool)
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Common queries

  1. Who produced the lyrics for Vulnerable Free Cool?

    This lirics prodiucer by Byrd & BandPlay.

  2. Who is credited with writing the music and lyrics to this song? Vulnerable Free Cool

    Vulnerable Free Cool song is written by BandPlay, Byrd & Kodak Black

  3. Who is responsible for mixing the lyrics

    Vulnerable Free Cool song lyrics mixing Engineer by Dyryk & Fabian Marasciullo

  4. Who is responsible for recording the lyrics?

    Vulnerable Free Cool lyrics recording Engineer is Dyryk & Kiara Moreno

  5. Who is the professional that mastering the music?

    Vulnerable Free Cool lyrics song mastering engineer is Chris Athens

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