Vomit Floods Of Christian Remains lyrics Meaning


By Vincent N. Esquibel

Vomit Floods Of Christian Remains song by Imprecation from Primary Album Album not found. The music is composed and produced by Joel. Genre is Death Metal, Rock music. The Record company is unknown. Released on None.

Vomit Floods Of Christian Remains Meaning

[Driven by insanity from your Holy Lord
Driven by the hate you breed
Covered in the gore…

Deep in the darkest waters that flood
Chunks of Christian body parts
Broken crown of thorns
Regurgitated insides cover the throne
Sigil of Baphomet emblazoned on your brow

Ride atop the blackened skies
Gazing at the pools of blood
Feeding the parts of Christ
To the faceless Lords

A steady thunder rumbles, the sky starts to darken
A horrid vortex opens and gushes forth the horror
Of hearts, brains, and kidneys – and strips of bloody flеsh
A shower of eyeballs pound you and splattеr on the ground…

Laughing at the ribcage of the departed Nazarene
A monument of triad failure
Walk amongst the wreckage of the shredded human meat
The blood is life and feeds the blackened fires

The blood that gushes from the Christian flock
Their agonizing screams fill the heavens
Dragging their souls to the chasms of darkness
Majestic on leathern wings
, Descent…

On leathern wings


Lords of Hell of the left – I do summon infernal death
Lords of Hell in my mind – Unleash the carnage on the blind

Puke on the cross, witness our rites
Guard the angles, I do summon
With vengeful sacrifice, your flesh is minced to shreds
Cast into the vomit, your prayers are ignored
Upon the rising incense smoke, seek thine ancient hate
O mighty darkness, ascent into the heavens
Invoke the pentagram of the dark, inverted sanctuary
Stained in bloody dust, men will walk with blackened hearts
And lust amongst the shadows…]
Vomit Floods of Christian Remains
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