Viva Vlad lyrics Meaning


By Vincent N. Esquibel

Viva Vlad song by The Stranglers from Primary Album 10. The music is composed and produced by Joel. Genre is Pop music. The Record company is unknown. Released on 1987.

Viva Vlad Meaning

[Vladimir’s own cruel hand had delivered a blow to himself all right
The Police laughed at his fantastic tale of misguided love in a tempting night
For fun, he was bound and taken down to the harbour on the other side of the island
There he was set adrift in a small dinghy donated by a frightened fisherman

Guns were drawn and so were corks, and pot shots taken at his floating corpse
Luckily for Vlad, their aim was high and they soon tired when the bullets ran dry
All through the night he floated on and fell asleep until dawn arrived and he found himself aground on a beach with fish around, the waters run deep

He stumbled up from the shore and fell at the doors of a bar called “Matador”
Vladimir, confused and tired, hungry with aching head
The bar man, Miguel, showed his kindness, and fed and clothed the wretch who’s first enquiry was in stumbled English :
– “Where am I?”
– “Senor, you are in Mexico”

Relieved and feeling better Vladimir soon realised the extent of his good fortune
He decided to change his identity in this Mexican Paradise
In return for his lodgings, food and beer
The simple world Miguel gave him began to change Vladimir
He basked in the sun and learned to fish and even learned how to cook a pretty mean tortilla dish
He discovered more and more about his whereabouts
It was the lea side of a resort visited by Yanks and Krauts on the Ukatem peninsula of Mexico
This was an area famed for its Mayan ruins, fabulous fishing and tropical weather

One glance at the dusty map hanging behind the bar at the “Matador” showed Vladimir just how close he was to Miami, Florida, a place he had always heard hushed stories about back in the USSR
A place he became increasingly curious about. A place which he determined would be his next destination]
¡Viva Vlad!
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