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By Vincent N. Esquibel

Vip song by Danny Swain from Primary Album F-o-o-d. The music is composed and produced by Joel. Genre is Rap music. The Record company is unknown. Released on None.

Vip Meaning

Here’s another one
Hey yo right now what I want everybody to do is
Put their drinks down and report to the dance floor
Not you, Star Jones

“Whoever wanna see ID
Get popped up in their E-Y-E
I’m just trying to have a little fun up in the V.I.P.” – Danny

We havin’ fun like we don’t care
Party people, throw your motherfuckin’ hands in the air, yeah

“Whoever wanna see ID
Get popped up in their E-Y-E
I’m just trying to have a little fun up in the V.I.P.” – Danny
“Skip all that singin’, let’s get right tonight mami” – Jay-Z
“You now…now…rockin’ with a pro” – 50 Cent
“C’mon!” – Jay-Z

[Verse 1]
I’m just trying to have a little fun up in the V.I.P
Funny, everyone is being nice to me
I stepped fresh off the “E” Train, D. Swain
Rapper for real, and on the beats I drop heat mayne
So I guess that explains a lot
We in the V.I.P. spot and we came to rock
Came to plot on somebody else’s girl
D. Swain is not just another selfish squirrel
That’s out to get a nut, we ’bout to hit it up
The B-A-R, I keep my radar on all night
Short hoes, tall dykes
Your clothes, fall might
Door closed, y’all wanna fight?
I’m trying to get some alcohol in my system
Wakin’ up tomorrow with a Barbie doll and a Mr. Ed
Poster, c’mon ma, get a little closer
You gon’ do a dance or get my hopes up? Let’s go
, [Chorus]

[Verse 2]
Pop Cris’
The ladies in the V.I.P. are topless
You need a club banger, nigga cop this
I’m locally known
I just met a lil’ hoochie and I hope we can bone
I respect you lil’ cutie, I’m supposed to be grown
But I get real giddy when I see your titties
If I whisper in your ear, shawty please don’t hit me
But the Hennessey kinda put the evil in me
Whoa! You now, now rockin’ with a pro
Tell Mo to stop, stop talkin’ to the hoes
We havin’ fun ma, why stop? I’ve got
A couple of bucks, so after this we hittin’ IHOP
Free drinks, and the shorties with ass
And every fight scene in this bitch is choreographed
And in the morning we’ll crash, at the Hilton
Or into the side of a building, whichever comes first


[Verse 3: rapped like third verse on Eminem’s “Cum On Everybody”]
Got bitches on my jock out in Lexington
‘Cause they think I date a motherfuckin’ lesbian
So I told ’em it was k.d. lang
They was like, “Dang, way to go Danny Swain!”
I told ’em, “Meet me at the club scene, Night Pearl
I’ll be chillin’ with the preteen white girl”
Breezed by, then I headed to the V.I.-
P., why do all these ladies wanna be my sweetie pie
When I hop up out of the truck like I don’t give a fuck
Two swigs of Armadale’ll mess my dinner up
Made a fake phone call to impress my crew
“Yo Meagan Good, what up…it’s Danny, can I come through?”
We at the Platinum Plus, drinkin’ Bacardi
Tryin’ to mack a shawty at the bar we meetin’ at the afterparty
So just remember when I piss on your mom —
Yo, I only said it just to finish the song
Lighten up niggas
, [Chorus] – 2X

That’s right
Yo D. Swain man, where the hoes at? (shit, you got ’em all)
You got that right
2005, D. Swain in the club like what
I think we got a new party anthem right here mayne
Shit, no doubt
You know where to find me at
Man, I’ll be at the bar drinkin’ Grey Goose ’til I puke
Then I’m headed back to the V.I.P. man, off top
Uh, and you don’t stop
D. Swain, and you don’t stop
Flipside, and you don’t stop
Free drinks, and you don’t stop]
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