Uzumaki lyrics Meaning

Vincent N. Esquibel

By Vincent N. Esquibel

Uzumaki song by Dohan from Primary Album Better-left-unsaid. The music is composed and produced by Joel. Genre is Rap music. The Record company is unknown. Released on None.

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Uzumaki Meaning

(Dohan season)
Don’t know if it’s me or the world
Uzumaki on my iris, I’m seein’ the swirls
It was a light year ago, started growin’ my fur
I don’t feel understood, least I’m feelin’ my curls
I didn’t mean to incur
It was just there to infer
We could just kick it, le fluer
Max know I’m different in here
I’m feelin so Kawhi when they using they spurs
Guess the Mustang arrived and it’s causing a stir
As prince of the winter I’ll start Billin’ my Burrs
I don’t need to coach my team so I’m feelin Steve Kerr
The universe so special, the smell in the air
I declare most you niggas so insincere
Fuck it being my year, I just want time to be here
Palm of my hand, guess it’s my destiny that I’ll veer
Do what I can, it’s blessing my body is here
My clique ain’t a circle, I feel it’s more of a sphere
Aesthetics Morpheus, Zion I have appeared
Lucid dreamin’ soar the sky nigga feelin’ no fear
Cupid hit me right on my eyes, I’m seeing for real
Love transcends everything, eat it up like a meal
These niggas feelin’ big sick, Dohan feelin’ Kumail
I bet they asked, “Who is this?,” got ’em sweatin’ severe
I’m leanin on the edge, on my back I’m feeling the spears
Strugglin’ to hold back tears
Unclouded judgement, I give the thanks to my peers
I feel the wheels spinning, I think I’ll take it from here
I appear missing my home I never held dear
Five finger discount, ya heart is my souvenir
All my people bright, we the lights on a chandelier
Now walk it out think about, oh snap
Talk it out think about it, oh snap
Mary Jane, can’t live without it
Now I stay drippin’, just remember when the drought hit
These artists sub par, can’t believe that we allow it
Discounting they lyrics, spending checks on all they outfits
Appearance, facades, I’m just here to keep you grounded
Make it at all costs, got my enemies surrounded
This only the start, get away I’m feeling crowded
Conflicted at heart, most my feelings be compounded
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Frequently posed queries

  1. Can you name the individual who created this track? Uzumaki

    Uzumaki lyrics song is written by Dohan

Vincent N. Esquibel

Vincent N. Esquibel from South Carolina, USA, and is a versatile artist, known for his roles as a singer and songwriter specializing in Experimental Ambient music. He shares his unique lyrical creations on various platforms, including the categories U and V on the site Lyrics to the Song.

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