Rougarou Feat Griff lyrics Meaning

June H

By June H

Rougarou Feat Griff song by Gadzooks from Primary Album Album not found. The music is composed and produced by Joel. Genre is Rap music. The Record company is unknown. Released on February 22, 2022.

Rougarou Feat Griff Meaning

Thor with the hammer
Turn you to Flat Stanley
Crush kid’s dreams like I work for Plan B

Ain’t no mothafucka’ gon’ let me be me
I’ma let you be average, you’ll see what I mean
Fiend but I’m still a genius
Please pay me my respect
Five chains, five friends
Eight but my vibe ten (woo)
Hiding in the shadows like a rougarou
Pinkie up
Laughing like, yo who is you?
Who are they?
Who are we?
All I know is who I be
Griff, a mythical beast
Truth what I speak fluently
I was meant to guard the gift
You cuff a bitch knowing damn well whosе heart she picks
I pick and choose еach maneuver I make
And let my energy travel to Mr. Hoover
Point out who we do damage to
Son superheros, swear to god I am Stan Lee
Mr. Hoover verse the world
Royal Polly family
Bitch I’m a beast, I’m a monster, a banshee
Rain dance on I’m like Comanches
Got the bow and arrow
With my eye on the sparrow
Meaning I am god
I ain’t even trying hard
My regards to everyone who ever threw shade
On my crusade
Feeling like I am Richard the Lionheart
Mold the mind of Aristotle from Plato
Cell mates with Galileo cuz I dared to realign my stars
Ayo Griff, pass the spliff
Give these hoes a dick to suck and these rappers an ass to kiss

Ain’t no spliff
It be a blunt full of Lambs Breath
She rack a couple out
Don’t spill no coke on my damn bed
Sheets Versace
Be a fool to think she got me
Black Medusas on the shades
Descendant of Anunnaki
I’m that cracker, I’m that nigga, I’m that spic you criticizing
The muslim praying to the sun the second that it’s rizing
Who are you?
Thought that we were human
Understand myself
Therefore my destiny’s now a shoe-in
Wallies on my feet, black hat with a nine
I tell a bitch that she majestic, she go down every time
Wallies on my feet, black hat with a nine
One canvas worth your salary
Who’s out of their mind?
This ladder I climb will have me staring at the Devine
Glass ceilings get shattered like I shatter fragile minds
The name of my hero’s spelled capital I
Self-made, self-destructive, self actualized
Watch me
I roll them dice
On my life, you’ll talk about me after I die
Burry me in my Mercedes in a mansion in the sky
With a pistol and a copy of the catcher in the rye
Y’all funny
I be laughing til I cry
You can’t match the passion or the pride
If you about that action, give it a try
9th realm, mothafucka’
See you in hell, mothafucka’

If you ain’t righteous, burn in Hell]

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  1. Who is the person responsible for producing the lyrics of Rougarou Feat Griff?

    This lirics prodiucer by Aaron Kaili & Mr. Hoover (band).

  2. Can you name the individual who created this track? Rougarou Feat Griff

    Rougarou Feat Griff song lyrics is written by Gadzooks

Rougarou (feat. Griff)
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