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Morgan Wallen is an American country music singer-songwriter. He rose to fame in 2017 with his song “I Wanna Talk About Me”, which reached number one on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. He was also nominated for two CMA Awards, including Top New Male Artist and Top Touring Artist of the Year. His debut album, Up All Night, was released in March 2018.

  1. “Somethin’ bout the way she kissed me tells me she’d love Eastern Tennessee”– Sand In My Boots
  2. beer don’t start nothin’ but the party– Beer Don’t
  3. Sign my life away to be the life of the party”- Livin’ the Dream
  4. “’Cause I just wanna do country ass shit with my country ass friends– Country A$$ Shit
  5. I’m good friends with Mason Dixon, girl, whatcha say we do somethin’ country?– Somethin’ Country
  6. Yeah, you used to talk about, gettin’ even further south”- 7 Summers
  7. Tequila made me crazy, Cold beer wouldn’t do, so I whisked my way over you”- Whiskey’d My Way
  8. Those nights, what I would give for one more. Bud lights and kissin’ on the front porch”- This Bar
  9. Rednecks, red letter, red dirt, one life, one bar, one church– Rednecks, Red Letters, Red Dirt
  10. I know we made a downtown reservation. Let’s get there early, get drunk, and break it”- Me on Whiskey
  11. “I don’t want to go downtown, doin’ what we used to”– Dangerous
  12. “The whole town’s rootin’ for us like the home team”– More Than My Hometown
  13. “I guess I’ve always been wonderin’ ‘bout the wind”- Wonderin’ bout the Wind
  14. “Love to drown in them heartbreaker blue eyes”- Somebody’s Problem
  15. “Whatcha think of country now?”- Whatcha Think Of Country Now

“I love you more than a California sunset”

“Pray the morning don’t come
These colors don’t run
Stay up and stay young”

“I wanna Spin you around and around this dance floor
Get you drunk on a love like mine
Might wind up stealing a couple kisses
Get your digits if I can find the right line
But if you don’t do feelings, baby if you willing
I’ll do my best to change your mind
‘Cause the way you stole my heart without a sound
Girl it oughta be a crime”

“We can sleep when we’re dead, the night is still young”

“Sun, sun, go away
Come again some other day
Me and this girl got love to make
Yeah we got love to make”

“Put your pretty arms around me, now get in nice and close
Whisper in my ear what you’d like to know
Now you can tell me bout your family or tell me bout your day
Or our lips can do the talking, let’s listen baby what do you say”

“My tractor’s green, my pasture’s greener
My tea is sweet but honey, you’re sweeter
My road is dirt, your heart is gold
I’m a man of few words but baby here it goes
My neck is red, my collar’s blue
And I love you”

“If I ever get you back I’ma treat you like a Queen”

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“Honey, when the sun comes peeking through the trees
You ain’t gotta worry ’bout what it might be
‘Cause I bet it won’t be the last time you’re wakin’ up next to me
If I know me”

“Dancing in slow motion with my hands on your hips
Now you got me going right where I can’t resist”


50 Best Morgan Wallen Quotes On Life & Music

1. “I’ve established this kind of wild persona and these redneck party songs and a live show that’s kind of rowdy, but I don’t want people to think that’s what I’m all about.” – Morgan Wallen

2. “I got a rebel side in me, but I’m not mean!” – Morgan Wallen

3. “And it’s always good to get back home and see the people you love, and get to spend time with your family on top of playing your music.” – Morgan Wallen

4. “I’m by no means the person that I strive to be. I don’t think anyone is the person that we strive to be. But I try.” – Morgan Wallen

5. “I like whiskey and I like vodka, too. And beer.” – Morgan Wallen

6. “Whenever my parents got married, my dad had a mullet. Me and my dad are very similar-type people with the way we look and the way we act, and I figured if he could get away with it when he was around 25, then I could try to do the same thing.” – Morgan Wallen

7. “My dad is a preacher. Growing up, I went to church every time the doors were open.” – Morgan Wallen

8. “I didn’t do anything but write for six months after I got my publishing deal. That was just trying to get better and figure out my sound and the way I like to do it.” – Morgan Wallen

9. “I’m always saying normal things, and people usually understand me, but they’re like, Where are you from?!” – Morgan Wallen

10th of 50 Morgan Wallen Quotes
10. “I didn’t want to act like I’m too cool for school or anything like that.” – Morgan Wallen

11. “My whole life, baseball was my first love. I was gonna go play college, but during my senior year, I tore my ACL, and college kind of faded away with their offer, which I understand, obviously. That was a dark time in my life.” – Morgan Wallen

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12. “I had a bowl cut. That was pretty bad. Definitely a bowl cut. And I used to have blond, like really, really, blond hair when I was a kid. So blond bowl cut – that’s what I was rocking when I was a little kid.” – Morgan Wallen

13. “I know it takes more than one album to stay around.” – Morgan Wallen

14. “I would play around bonfires with my friends, and people were telling me that I was good.” – Morgan Wallen

15. “You never know the plan. You never know what’s going to happen. We are not even promised tomorrow. I just try to focus on one day at a time.” – Morgan Wallen

16. “We don’t put the Ten Commandments in school anymore. We just neglect everything and people act like the Ten Commandments is something so terrible. I mean, it’s a way to live. I think we all could agree on what they say.” – Morgan Wallen

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17. “I want to make more fans, sell records.” – Morgan Wallen

18. “I listened to Country music a little bit, but it didn’t enter my life until I started listening to Eric Church.” – Morgan Wallen

19. “I feel like that’s my foundation and my roots, what I believe in – no matter where life takes me, I’ll always be the same guy and same person at heart.” – Morgan Wallen


20th of 50 Morgan Wallen Quotes

20. “I don’t have any answers, but in my personal opinion, I’m a person that has faith and I believe that a lot of people have neglected God.” – Morgan Wallen

21. “I didn’t know if I could write. I was writing all these songs at home and was like, Maybe I can write?” – Morgan Wallen

22. “I just want to be able to do it all just because that’s what life is.” – Morgan Wallen

23. “From a young age, I took an interest in the music and my mom noticed it.” – Morgan Wallen

24. “I got a call from my manager who told me Diplo was working on a country project. I put my vocal on the songwriting demo and my team sent the song to his team. Evidently, they fell in love with it… and the rest is history.” – Morgan Wallen

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25. “There’s a lot of things we go through and we don’t even know why… At the end of the day, God has a purpose and a plan for you, and that’s kind of how I take that.” – Morgan Wallen

26. “I still dabble in different types of music, but I’m sticking to my Country roots.” – Morgan Wallen

27. “I can speak for everybody in saying we’ve all been through a breakup to where you didn’t want it to be over.” – Morgan Wallen

28. “I have my hopes high. I don’t know how I’ll top the Luke Combs tour, but I guess we’ll see.” – Morgan Wallen

29. “I think Diplo is a true global artist. I feel that he is exposing country artists to his global reach and that’s something that is rarely done in our genre.” – Morgan Wallen

30th of 50 Morgan Wallen Quotes

30. “I believe in God. I believe that He’s real and I believe He has control over a lot of things and I think throughout history there has been a lot of countries that have turned their back on Him and the result is not great.” – Morgan Wallen

31. “I don’t want to be New Vocalist of the Year; that’s not a goal of mine. If those things come along, that would be awesome, but that’s not something I strive for.” – Morgan Wallen

32. “Right after high school… the first time I ever recorded music was with a rapper, a friend of mine, and I would just be like, ‘I’ll sing your choruses.’ So I would sing his hooks and he would go in there and rap.” – Morgan Wallen

33. “I didn’t necessarily grow up with country being my first priority as a music listener. I grew up listening to classic rock and Christian music.” – Morgan Wallen

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34. “I think it takes a little bit of time for people to take you seriously.” – Morgan Wallen

35. “Cutoff flannel and a mullet. That’s what I’m rolling with. If you see me on stage, that’s what it’s gonna be!” – Morgan Wallen

36. “I liked Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, and the Eagles. Those were some of my favorites.” – Morgan Wallen

37. “To get the best idea of who I am, I would probably say listen to my first single, The Way I Talk.” – Morgan Wallen

38. “I didn’t grow up being a performer, really. I played baseball.” – Morgan Wallen

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39. “I just want to make music people like.” – Morgan Wallen

40th of 50 Morgan Wallen Quotes
40. “I wanted to put a song out there to let people know who I was and, at the same time, help me set apart from a lot of different people in country radio.” – Morgan Wallen

41. “I always had a musical bone, I guess if you will.” – Morgan Wallen

42. “My 91-year-old great-grandma would get out of her chair and whip me if I start acting like I’m some star or something like that.” – Morgan Wallen

43. “I took a few months off after my senior year was over, and I prayed and tried to figure out what was my plan and my purpose. That’s how I started writing songs and playing guitar just to get my feelings out.” – Morgan Wallen

44. “I know that I come from a place of small-town roots and of humble beginnings and I try to keep those things in my songs – just stuff that I know people like me can relate to.” – Morgan Wallen

45. “I’m all for a good slow song and I love all different kinds of music.” – Morgan Wallen

46. “I still have my buddies from back home, I still have my family. They really help to keep me grounded. I try to call them and talk to them about their everyday life.” – Morgan Wallen

47. “I think that the best music and the music that people relate to the most is the honest music that people feel themselves in it.” – Morgan Wallen

48. “I didn’t even know what The Voice was, but my mom said, I signed you up for this singing show, and I was like, All right, I guess.” – Morgan Wallen

49. “I definitely don’t wanna be known as the ‘Up Down’ guy. I love singing that song, I love that song, but yeah, there’s definitely more to me than just a party for sure.” – Morgan Wallen

50. “I really got into Three Doors Down – that’s the sound that was out when I was 12 or 13. I really loved Breaking Benjamin and bands like that.” – Morgan Wallen

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