Ikaros lyrics Meaning

Jamie Jordan

By Jamie Jordan

Ikaros song by Magoth from Primary Album Invictus. The music is composed and produced by Joel. Genre is Rock music. The Record company is unknown. Released on November 27, 2020.

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Ikaros Meaning

[By leaving my path at dawn
I’ve become the leper they’ve all spat upon
All I wanted was to be left alone
And leave behind my defeat

I’ve always been the fool
That carried the weight of the world
Loved and esteemed by no-one
I tried to reach for the sun

I’m the one who fell back
Battling the demons that treated me badly
Once I’ve unfolded my wings
I rеalized they cannot rip my strings

I’ve triеd to escape from my own elegy
And suppress the anger that tortured me
As I reached my scorching core too close
My wings were ripped and shattered like glass

I vanished into the void

Too late I’ve seen
That this world is bleak
Too late I’ve learned
Their change is vain hope
Too soon I’ve come
To the point I gave up
And blame myself
For this shithole we’re in
I fell into
A world that is in flames
Shall be my name]
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