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how to get my lyrics noticed


By Cynthia-G-Toups

How do I get my music noticed/out there? I am a thirteen y/o girl with over forty incomplete songs and heaps of original lyrics (for different genres)

Jeez lol, you are doing better than I was at your age kiddo. I didn’t start writing music until I was about 15 and even then songs didn’t come that easy to me. But since then I’ve learned a lot and have been able to put out my music everywhere. In your case, though, a good place to start would be YouTube or maybe SoundCloud. I’ve never used SoundCloud but I’ve heard good things about it for up-and-coming artists. I started off on YouTube doing covers of songs just to get myself out there and eventually, I was able to give my “audience” songs I wrote. It wasn’t anything major but it was a good start.

After doing that for about 4 years I and my band have had the opportunity to record in a professional studio. This brings me to point of saying you need to record your songs with as good of a quality you can get. Since you are young I’m sure you could beg your parents into getting you some recording equipment lol.

The recording equipment you’ll need:

  1. Laptop. You’ll need this for your Interface, USB mic, and your DAW.
  2. Microphone/s. Depending on how and what you are recording you’ll definitely need a mic. I recommend a USB mic for now as it is plugin and records vocals, guitar, or whatever else. Luckily these mics come in a wide variety of price ranges so it shouldn’t be too hard getting yourself one. I recommend getting a decently priced one which will be in the 50 dollar range.
  3. Interface. You can disregard this if you are just using the USB mic but if you get a mic that isn’t a USB mic you’ll need this. In this case, I recommend getting a dynamic mic. Again there is a wide variety of them with different price ranges. I’d recommend getting the Samson Q2U as it has an XLR output and USB connection.
  4. DAW. This is a place that records your audio from the USB mic or interface. I recommend Audacity for its simplicity and its free. But feel free to buy one as it offers more recording options with effects or samples.
  5. Instruments/amps. You never stated if you played any instruments but if you don’t I recommend trying to find one to play. Preferably guitar/piano as these is typical instruments you can sing and play at the same time. For the amps, you can use whatever but that’s what you’d be recording with a USB mic or dynamic mic.
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Once all is said and done and you have a decent recording you can distribute your music through a place called Distrokid. That is not the only place but that is what I use. It’s only 20 dollars a year for the service and you keep all of your royalties.

I know that was a lot lol but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You have a long journey ahead of you my friend but I wish you nothing but the best of luck!


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