hindi nursery rhymes lyrics pdf

Nursery rhymes are children’s traditional poem and song that describes the lessons they should learn. Most of them tell stories of young children learning to behave well so that they can be happy in the future

There are many nursery rhymes that have been created for the sole purpose of entertaining children. Nursery rhymes are a series of rhyming words, phrases, or verses designed to entertain children, usually at bedtime. Here is a list of some popular nursery rhymes pdf from India, and how they were originated.

Hindi nursery rhymes lyrics pdf

Hindi nursery rhymes are a part of Indian culture and heritage. The best nursery rhymes are those that can be sung by children in any language with little to no translation. These nursery rhymes have been passed down through generations, and the lyrics will make you laugh out loud when you hear them for the first time.

These are the top 10 Hindi nursery rhymes lyrics. You can download and read these nursery rhymes in the Hindi language.



Hindi nursery rhymes are among the most popular nursery rhymes across India. It is not surprising that these lyrics have been adapted in different Indian languages and also many countries around the world. However, there is no real way to understand why Hindi nursery rhymes are so popular and why they continue to be popular today.





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