Zombies Pt 15 Der Eisendrache lyrics Meaning


By Joseph T. Gross

Zombies Pt 15 Der Eisendrache song by Borderline Disaster from Primary Album Album not found. The music is composed and produced by Joel. Genre is Rap music. The Record company is unknown. Released on February 16, 2016.

Zombies Pt 15 Der Eisendrache Meaning

[[Verse 1]
Grab the fuse, I’m at the tram station, I’m cautious
Awaken to severe frustration, I’m nauseous
Jumping from the landing pad, flawless
The zombies have no option but to head to the box office
So watch this
Deep in the mountain tops, a fortress
Let me paint a gorgeous portrait, the easter egg’s enormous
Absurd’s not the word, everything’s scattered and stirred
My life’s about to end, better make sure I’m insured
So on to the buildables, at this point, they’re traditional
The Ragnarok DG, Wrath of the Ancients, we need
If we want to complete the game, the easter egg and succeed
Agreed? Okay, we need to find the dragon, force feed
Get a bigger belly, dude, one at a time, it’s rude
All the while the zombies are runnin’ around in circles
It’s true, I’m confused
Are we here to get the highest round?
Or are we here to gain some views?

Take us up
What will happen?
In the snow
The Iron Dragon
What goes on
Behind the walls?
We’re stuck, we’re trapped
Der Eisendrache
The Iron Dragon
(Dra-Dra-Dragon, Dra-Dra-Dra-Dra-Iron) (4x)
, [Verse 2]
We start off and build the Pack-A-Punch
As a usual start to the easter egg… fun
Head down to the Pyramid Room
Like a ritual, gravity’s gone, it’s like boom
We’re a weightless crew, the wrath ensues
As my bow consumes, the electric void
Fire and Wolf, upgraded bows carry the team
As we stop time, then go back in it, it’s black-white and shit
Who’s Groph? What gives?
Take a fuse, memorize code
Throw it in protect mode, open the safe
Two coils, floppy disks, Simon says destroy the place
Man, is this the Moon all over again?
One boss fight closer to the end
The Summoning Key will save Dempsey
Oh man, what a cutscene


[Verse 3]
Unfortunately, it’s just me
The Wonderfizz is back, what does it mean?
Calling out to Mission Control in my dreams
Through these mystic extremes
The Wondersphere, it’s a scheme
To get me up like a smoke screen
These zombies, the enemies are most familiar
With a new face and armored killer similar to the Margua
But some new things to consider
They call him Panzer Soldat
He drops in like he’s so hot
He’s so slow, take a snapshot
We blast off
Trap him in the death ray on the bastion
Collect the pieces to the Pack-A-Punch
What guns will you upgrade, hon?
Are you having fun? It’s a hell of a map
Say good night to your loved ones
But Mommy, why is Daddy always staying up late?
Well Honey, he’s got some zombies to seriously terminate
They don’t just disappear with the click of your heels
Dorothy would be lost forever, turned into a zombie meal
, [Chorus]]

The video came from: Youtube

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Frequently posed queries

  1. Who produced the lyrics for Zombies Pt 15 Der Eisendrache?

    This lirics prodiucer by Borderline Disaster.

  2. What is the name of the person who wrote this song? Zombies Pt 15 Der Eisendrache

    Zombies Pt 15 Der Eisendrache song lyrics is written by Rockit Music & Borderline Disaster

  3. Which artist is featured in the credits for Zombies Pt 15 Der Eisendrache?

    The lyrics featured in Zombies Pt 15 Der Eisendrache belong to Rockit MusicThe featured artist in the song Zombies Pt 15 Der Eisendrache is Rockit Music

Zombies Pt. 15: Der Eisendrache
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