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By Joseph T. Gross

Zkr Sang Froid English Translation song by Genius English Translations from Primary Album Zkr-cameleon-english-translation. The music is composed and produced by Joel. Genre is Rap music. The Record company is unknown. Released on March 4, 2022.

Zkr Sang Froid English Translation Meaning

[[Lyrics “Sang froid”]

[Unique verse]
The dark look, the ideas not clearer, I have not changed anything
Sometimes I ask myself: how could I have pleased ?
I must admit, Bellek had good flair because it was far from being evident
Did you see the team of deranged? Kabyle smile, the kiss of the thug before holding you up
And to think that it takes so long but everything will fall in such a short time
I’m an Atlas eagle, you’ll never see me follow like a sheep
We come from so far down, anyway, wе could only go up
Nothing to prove if you knew what I could show you
The jinx is taunting mе by whispering that it will not stop pampering me
I don’t waste my time listening to it anymore, I see problems on both sides
I laughed when I was boycotted because I already knew it would do a lot of damage, it would make a lot of people proud
Now I’m the subject of debate in most french’s hood
Fate factor from the start, don’t talk to me about a piece of luck
Don’t see the benefit, I see the flow, brother, bump me if I deviate
It’s not money, it’s just views because I see they’re inventing my life
As a result, it creates tensions, the envious, their intentions
I don’t want to end up like that deadbeat dad who pays pensions
There is temptation, hard to spend in a sensible way
Imagine there’s really a great treasure at the foot of the rainbow
On you, I noted “cancel”, you are harmful like cancer
How do you want me to stop? Public carries me in a sincere way
It fits like floppy disks so spare me your speeches, eh
Want to pull the six shots, eh, for those who do the Chicourt, eh
Strong inspiration like one for one, it’s tooth for tooth, it’s eye for eye
Since they remember what’s best for them, even if you’ve done a lot for them
Border sieve, passage for them, crossed even by the most fearful
It’s not a secret: in life, you have to be discreet
Anyway, tell me what’s not risky besides not being a man
Yeah, I know who I am and I would give anything not to be another
Roubaisien as Bernard Arnault, I’ll steal them without asking
Don’t answer me like I insist you, you little bastard, we’re talking about my due
And between us, just need to ask, yeah, I’d rather spin than beg
I admit that I’m making progress in my work but my life is too much a construction site
And I rarely have anything to sing, even I’m shocking, even I’m unblocking
I feel like I ate a dictionary while the only pages I turn are the ones that hit my nerves
They look human, it’s always harder to assume than to talk and make movies
I swear, it’s enough to hallucinate the character of my sweetheart
Maxi-profitable, you have to sign us, you have to get up early to bleed us
Could I make up for the second part of myself?
The city, it is more than proud, on the wall, there is the three meters golden’s disc
Now do you believe me, man? When I said you’d have to get used to it
They like to abuse the fact that they have suffered, the more time passes the less it will be enough
You think it’s great but in reality you’re lost, I only think of him, at least I’m not shocked at the worst
I’ve been in fear while looking for my bearings, the worst thing is that I’d do it again if I had to do it again
It’s strange, only when I write that I’m talkative, they are overrated, they are Benjamin Pavard
We provide them with the same quality as in Bavaria, in the rap or in the street, anyway, I’m not proud
, [Outro]
Eh stop, I can slip up like Cantona
Who’s going to take me back to the canteen? Brother, the street is a funnel
I’m gonna dodge ’em and get outta there
I’ll take my revenge at dinner, all my hate in a black coat
Ready, set, load, you’re ephemeral like my joint, like my joint
No need to hide, hard to find the chameleon, chameleon]

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