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By Joseph T. Gross

Ziv song by Asaiah Ziv from Primary Album Album not found. The music is composed and produced by Joel. Genre is Rap, Christian music. The Record company is unknown. Released on March 16, 2015.

Ziv Meaning

[[Verse 1]
I scribble on these lines and never elevate
Or in a elevator thinkin’ God had made me levitate
Circle circumstances in a stance like I’m free to lie
And use propellers as my wings to fly, if they’re free to buy
Never cross my mind, I’m free to die
Guess freedom’s still alive
I left a key in the ignition, waitin’ for someone to drive
On a lonely road with some friends that I think I know
On a stroll
Wheels could only spin if rubber covers chrome
If rubber would’ve lasted, they probably wouldn’t be alive
Lookin’ through the lens, and Gandhi’s glasses on my eyes
Woah, passion was the answer, turn my lowest to my highs
Talkin’ to a friend that’s known to live beyond the skies
Fools covered with jewels, many are payable
I’ve never put a dollar bill in the hand of a wolf
I’m colder than a top of the stove, click-click
I don’t take too much to notice the times, tick-tick
Society depictin’ the image that chopped off slave hands
In Babylon, these level Jezebel for a record deal
Persecuting population, mental slavin’ TV station
Depravity, sociability for Instagram likes
Manipulation corrupt the nation
Prophet’s pockets, solicitation
And I’m just tryna clear the speculation
Free my soul
, [Verse 2]
Government funding costs that cost us sickness in famine
Depictin’ a land that’ll give you prescriptions and hand ’em
Use the grace from what you had or what they want you to want
Havin’ sex with commercials and internet scenes pull a scene from your eye
Marketing schemes that sell you products, which appeal you but kill you
Makin’ fiends from soda cans, contain what isn’t meant to entertain
The inhumane manipulate the human brain and leave us lost

[Verse 3]
Lost inside a chosen planet
When the angels panic, but the halo’s shinin’
With the youngin’s handin’ a weapon tuned and blasted, pow-pow
Sacred geometry crafted the pot they cooked the crack in
We’re lost inside a chosen planet
Where the souls in transit, and my mind withstands it
Everyone has the answers so no one’s askin’ questions
They look familiar to the Pharisees
Fair to say we’re pretty far away from the truth
Especially that everything is distorted by a ripe fruit
In it’s nice suit
Tryna find a light but it’s night too
Too dark in a lighthouse
You’re not aware of about what these likes do
I’m hangin’ from a ceiling fan wonderin’ why the Earth spins
Droppin’ from the top of it, comparing to the world’s end
, [Verse 4]
I’m tryna to find myself in my position, is it non-existent?
I just want to share a couple words and hopefully you’ll listen
You created me in a binary, luminary
A visionary, revolutionary, it’s gettin’ scary
Astrology, theology, anthropology, psychology
Numerology, sociology and philosophy
In between the seed of being born and how I die
I’m just tryin’ to reach my people with the music that I write
And the stories that I tell, too many stories being told
Too many records being sold but there ain’t nothin’ for the soul
Find out why after 50,000 years of law. We are what we are during the long period of evolution. We are the most primitive prey to the highly sophisticated brain that we have. Knowledge, incident, so-called evolution. One where we are still what we are; primitive, psychological, hated, violent, superstitious, killing each other. Accepting one authority after another. Surely, no divine hand in folded this society. Society is put together by each one of us through our violence, through our pleasure, through our fears and beliefs and dogmas. Through our search for security and family and the community. We have created this society, each one of us, and there is no question about that. We have made this society]

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Commonly asked questions

  1. Who produced the lyrics for Ziv?

    This lirics prodiucer by Asaiah Ziv.

  2. Who is credited with writing the music and lyrics to this song? Ziv

    Ziv lyrics song is written by Asaiah Ziv

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