Zetsu lyrics Meaning


By Joseph T. Gross

Zetsu song by FAKE APO$TLE from Primary Album Raised-by-the-shadows. The music is composed and produced by Joel. Genre is R&B music. The Record company is unknown. Released on None.

Zetsu Meaning

[Two zero zero three
I came here to see
All the time since thirtheen
Slit my wrists and let me bleed
Get me low, get me high, so i cannot think of suicide
Hug me thight before i go
I wanna lie in the snow
Brother calling me, go home
Shit im stuck in the storm
Mothafuckas really think im gone
4am dealing dope
Searching chrome
Tryna get verified
I just wanna make it before i die
And if you wanna feel me come tonight
Did you heard this guy?
Two and a three, four and a five
Six feet deep laying to deep
I just wanna see my jiraiya team
And fuck you mean?
And fuck you need?
No money no fame
Playing this game
I always fail
Always wanna take you to the rave
Sleep again
Make your day
But shi thats impossible cuz im too late
Aye whats the time mane? (radio)
Its night time all alone looking at the sky
Smoking weed
Nose bleed
Airplane mode on my phone
Bitch i will never answer my phone
Ill go]

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