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By Joseph T. Gross

Z Look Jamaican song by Kodak Black from Primary Album Haitian-boy-kodak. The music is composed and produced by Joel. Genre is Rap music. The Record company is Sniper Gang Records & Atlantic Records. Released on May 14, 2021.

Z Look Jamaican Meaning

The Z look Jamaican
The streets say you fakin’
Shareese in here naked
YM, Prada
I hit her then forgot her
The Z was born a shotta
The Z costs me a dollar

[Verse 1]
(And when you eat) And when you eat, act like you swallowing it
Patek Philippe, got marbles in it
I’m turnt, I’m up, I’m all the way lit
Lil’ buddy a fag, he all on my dick
He jockin’ my swag, bopping like me
You can’t compare me, regardless
The weed smell, but ain’t garbage
The mademoiselle in her 40s
The Z a Rastafarian, the Z a Rastafarian Coupe
I’m skeeting off dust, mi sorry mi yute
Your daddy a Z, so what are you?
Dragging my feet ’cause I’m on the boot for sure
My momma and dad from the Caribbean
Got Florida tags on a European
I need head off the bat like I’m Derek Jeter
Roll a gram of that wax ’cause it’s therapeutic
, [Bridge]
Got too much Z with me, too much Z with me
Too much Z with me, too much Z with me
Too much Z with me, too much Z with me
Too much Z with me

[Verse 2]
Everybody rollin’, ’bout make a scene
Call TMZ, I got too much Z’s
Nigga TMZ, been in more cars than the DMV
Did a lot of fraudin’ in the DMV
He a Zoe but he look like a Rasta
Got a lot of killers on my roster
I be whipping the baby, no foster
Got the Siri bitch speaking Patois
I parked the Nissan in the Benz spot
I keep the tool like I’m Hancock
I keep it cool when the bands drop
What you gon’ do the Amscot?
Gift cards, baby give me the jwèt
It gets hard but I keep on feeling and that
Wah gwan? If you step, you get stretched
I put a few niggas to rest
I murder for less
I catch me a body then I don’t know nothing about it
Florida boy like one of a kind
And they standing up still about me
Make lots of noise in the street
Make lots of noise in the area
Make lots of noise in the street
Run up on me, mi dare you
I teach a Spanish bitch Creole
She eatin’ griot
She let me pee in her B-hole
I’m still on the streets on the D-low
350z, colors yellow and green
I like promethazine but not too much
Them niggas sweet ’cause I’m still in the streets
And they see me and don’t even do nothing
Rocking Celine, I’m clean with a dirty .9
She hop on that dick and she dutty whine
From the hood, you good, you one of mine
When she bust it open I cum inside
, [Outro]
The Z look Jamaican
I put this big ol’ .38 on a batty boy
The Z look Jamaican
Rocking Celine, I’m clean with a dutty .9
The Z look Jamaican
The Z look Jamaican]

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Common queries

  1. Who produced the lyrics for Z Look Jamaican?

    This lirics prodiucer by Snapz, Dyryk, FNZ, Keanu Beats & AMENT.

  2. What is the name of the person who wrote this song? Z Look Jamaican

    Z Look Jamaican lyrics song is written by Dyryk, Zac, Finatik, Snapz, Keanu Beats, Hidde, Kodak Black & Almer Ament

  3. Who is the music Mixing Engineer

    Z Look Jamaican song lyrics mixing Engineer by Dyryk

  4. Who is the recording engineer for the music?

    Z Look Jamaican lyrics recording Engineer is Dyryk

  5. Who is the credited masteringer for this track?

    Z Look Jamaican lyrics song mastering engineer is Chris Athens

Z Look Jamaican
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