Yovr Fxcking Gxy lyrics Meaning


By Joseph T. Gross

Yovr Fxcking Gxy song by Darkest nights from Primary Album Album not found. The music is composed and produced by Joel. Genre is Rap music. The Record company is unknown. Released on July 30, 2022.

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Yovr Fxcking Gxy Meaning

[[Verse 1: Darkest Nights]
Hoes on my meat going at it like trick or treat
Really ripping off my sheets while its really making me bleed
But the truth can’t hurt making you really wanna burst
Into the crib we go
Living life to the fullest I would have had you known
You need to stop before i call the cops
Domestic violence really be riding my cock
While off the top its really getting gang related
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

[Verse 2: Darkest Nights]
Living like this everybody knows I’m really tryna fight like this (Yeah)
Everybody rip me to pieces
Everybody know I’m tryna rip this piece (Yeah)
Ripping the bong everybody [?] my shlong (Yeah)
Flooger on this, did i say flooger?
I mean evoke, sorry I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings
I just wanted to say you a bitch and you already know you a motherfucking snitch (Yeah)
You needa stay
You just a bitch everybody motherfucking hates (Yeah)
I didn’t mean to
But you need to know im a little bitch
Everybody know im not tryna motherfucking snitch
Everybody know you tryna [?] (Yeah)
Kaden Kimball you such a little bitch
We’re gon itchy your tighty whiteys through the stains
Yeah, and you think you’re cool
Fucking has a double chin bitch what you talking about
You think you cool but you’re really not (Yeah)
You said you fucking hate the songs
I appreciate that but i dont really like you
You a little bitch who thinks he better everyone just like you do too
Yeah, everybody think everybody think everybody think think think
Yeah lil supreme you a bitch and you ain’t getting no where
, [Verse 3: Darkest Nights]
Look, if life was easier
It wouldn’t be so trickier
A motherfucker really tryna kill me
Can’t stay sober
She come tryna fuck me in my range rover
But during that we got pulled over
But while the bitch was on her knees she asked if we could get hungover (Yeah)]
Yovr fxcking gxy
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