YouTube Live Lyrics Feature Now Available on Android and iOS


By Cynthia-G-Toups

YouTube Music has recently rolled out a game-changing feature for music enthusiasts on both Android and iOS platforms: real-time lyrics. This innovative addition is set to revolutionize the way we experience music, offering dynamically updated lyrics that sync perfectly with your favorite tunes. In this comprehensive article, we’ll dive deep into the new YouTube Live Lyrics feature, exploring its benefits, functionality, and how to make the most of it. Join us on this lyrical journey as we uncover the latest enhancement to your music-listening experience.

The Evolution of YouTube Music’s Lyrics Tab

For those familiar with YouTube Music, the Lyrics tab in the Now Playing section has been a staple. However, it lacked the interactivity users craved. The arrival of live lyrics transforms this feature, offering a sleeker design, improved readability, and a unique adaptation to the music playing.

Live Lyrics in Action: A Visual and Auditory Treat

Dive into the immersive experience of live lyrics as they seamlessly synchronize with the song’s progression. Discover how the lyrics appear prominently, gracefully fading previous lines into the background for an exceptional visual encounter. Explore the subtle details like the blurred cover art background and the musical note that signals the lyrics’ appearance.

Song Selection: Not All Songs Are Equal

While live lyrics promise to elevate your music listening, it’s important to note that not all songs currently support this feature. Learn about the coexistence of static lyrics for songs yet to make the transition. Stay hopeful as YouTube Music continues to expand its coverage, making live lyrics the norm for a wider range of songs.

Accessing the Live Lyrics Feature

Ensure you’re among the fortunate users to experience live lyrics. Discover the steps to activate this feature on both Android and iOS platforms. From ‘App info’ to ‘Force Stop’ and app restarts, we’ve got you covered. Explore multiple tracks to uncover this captivating musical enhancement.

“People Also Ask”

Q1: How do I enable live lyrics on YouTube Music?

A1: To enable live lyrics, update your YouTube Music app to the latest version, and if it’s not working, try force-stopping the app and restarting it.
Q2: Are live lyrics available for all songs on YouTube Music?

A2: No, live lyrics are not available for all songs at the moment. Some tracks still feature static lyrics, but YouTube Music is working to expand coverage.
Q3: Can I customize the appearance of live lyrics on YouTube Music?

A3: Currently, YouTube Music offers a fixed appearance for live lyrics, with a white text overlay and blurred cover art background.


YouTube Music’s introduction of live lyrics on Android and iOS is a significant leap forward for music lovers. This feature elevates the way we connect with songs, offering an immersive and visually pleasing experience. While not all songs currently support live lyrics, there’s promise for broader coverage in the future. To ensure you’re part of this musical revolution, update your app and explore the magic of live lyrics today. Get ready to feel closer to your favorite music like never before.


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