Your Days Are Numbered lyrics Meaning


By Joseph T. Gross

Your Days Are Numbered song by Kopyrite from Primary Album Album not found. The music is composed and produced by Joel. Genre is Rap music. The Record company is unknown. Released on None.

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Your Days Are Numbered Meaning

See this right here, this is commentary
Not only that, but much, much more
It is intended to pick all of you apart
You little delinquents, you

[Verse 1]
I can deliver 3 angles around you, but I’m also destroyin’ em’
Music groups be pointin’ them fingers while material’s loiterin’
Your wack wordplay ain’t getting you heard today
But it also feeds the beast in the end, your spirit is the first slain
My warning linguistics, will probably cause incidents
You still ain’t listenin’, yours are derivative and miss again
With the top 40 hit in mind, go ahead, pick my mind
Compared to mine, they’re everything but sick this time
Get your ass out of your head, mouth bleeding, be autonomous
Freestyle and pull out the same crap all the time, get better flossin’ sticks
A choice, camp or chips, either one is pain in the head
Triple meaning in this bitch, if you choose the chips you will lose instead
Moron without “oxy”, Roca Triangle got you squared
Ironic though, the weathered truth ain’t fair
As fast as lightning from Zeus, the blueprint will cloud your mind
You don’t know the real truth, you ain’t getting out this time

[Verse 2]
A sick disease, delivering spitting images twistedly
Efficiently spreading the truth, think it’s insane
It’s not fame, but a message for the youth
Only like Plato’s Cave, but more well-played
Fight back like Pete Rose gambling stakes away
Roca Triangle’s real meaning will confuse ya
Visible to me, for you the truth is small like Bermuda
Eye in the sky, looks at you, I’m the intruder
Ludovico has shut it, subliminally I won’t lose ya
Fight fire with fire, paradoxes above inspired
Inciters of everything, behind the scenes, hard-wired
Everyone you know is uninformed or a liar
Hold or drop the flask, consequences are dire
Only subliminally will you be able to fire
Complexions are messagin’, masters of facade
The wrath of the “fake god” will come down on the mobs
, [Verse 3]
Faux-gold, choke-hold
Splatter from the head for you, the scene(seen) has no toll
Close interpretations of what they stand to mean
Could be downplayed subliminally to infinities
Picturing epiphanies while viciously fidgeting
Deadly epitome of false insanity, literally
It’s vital, it’s my gold and your gold in revival
Breathing air clean like Lysol, straight from concerts to recitals
Worth a thousand jewels from the tales that I spread
But you don’t need to follow the feds, we don’t need no fame in the head
Every cent in the world, I’ll show you to the tents
Screw the cents(sense), actually, subliminal is what I meant

Pay attention in school kids
Or actually, don’t, because what’s taught is a lie
You are dabbling with musical fire
What you listen to has some very dark roots to it]
Your Days Are Numbered
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