Wwld What Would Lemmy Do lyrics Meaning

Wendy J. Evans

By Wendy J. Evans

Wwld What Would Lemmy Do song by Voetsek from Primary Album Infernal-command. The music is composed and produced by Joel. Genre is Crossover Thrash, Metal, Thrash Metal music. The Record company is unknown. Released on None.

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Wwld What Would Lemmy Do Meaning

[What would Lemmy do?
If he was me. If he was you
Would he be at the Rainbow?
Suckin’ back brew
Or would he rub his moles
All over you
What would, what would
Lemmy do?
If he was me. If he was you
His Ace of Spades and
Full blown bomber
Bass at dick level
Leather jacket, rawker’s armor
The way he plays
That sexy Rickenbacher bass
Almost makes you forget
The moles on his whiskey
Stained face
Pointed at his mouth
Is the phallic microphone
Reminding us of all the
Moms and daughters hеs boned
Lemmy likes to sharе
Free handlebar mustache rides
For those who shave down there
Razor burned limey lips
As she grinds down
With her hips
He digs real rawker babes
Like Lita Ford
With Lemmy in the sack
The ladies never get bored
You know what makes Lemmy cool
He banged all the bitches in

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    W.W.L.D? (What Would Lemmy Do?)
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