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Wendy J. Evans

By Wendy J. Evans

Wrong Way song by Sublime from Primary Album Sublime. The music is composed and produced by Joel. Genre is Reggae Rock, Rock, Ska music. The Record company is MCA Records & Skunk Records. Released on July 30, 1996.

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Wrong Way Meaning

[[Verse 1]
Annie’s twelve years old, in two more, she’ll be a whore
Nobody ever told her it’s the wrong way
Don’t be afraid with the quickness you get laid
For your family, get paid, it’s the wrong way

[Hook 1]
I gave her all that I had to give
I’m gonna make it hard to live
Salty tears running down to her chin
And it ruins up her makeup and never wan’ give

[Verse 2]
A cigarette pressed between her lips
But I’m staring at her tits, it’s the wrong way
Strong if I can, but I am only a man
So I take her to the can, it’s the wrong way

[Hook 2]
The only family that she’s ever had
Is her seven horny brothers and a drunk-ass dad
He needed money, so he put her on the street
Everything was going fine, until the day she met me

[Verse 3]
Happy are you sad, wanna shoot your dad?
I’ll do anything I can, the wrong way
We talk all night, tried to make it right
Believe me, shit was tight, it was the wrong way
, [Hook 3]
Don’t run away, if you wanna stay
‘Cause I ain’t here to make you, oh, no
It’s up to you what you really want to do
Spend some time in America
Dub style!

[Trombone Solo]

[Hook 1]
She’ll give you all that she’s got to give
But I’m gonna make it hard to live
Big, salty tears rolling down to her chin
And it smears up her makeup an’ never wan’ give

[Verse 4]
So, we ran away and I’m sorry when I say
That straight to this very day it was the wrong way
She did the hike, don’t matter if I like it, or not
Because she only wants the wrong way

[Hook 4]
I gave her all that I had to give
She still wouldn’t take it, whoa, no
Her two brown eyes are leaking like a sieve
And it still ruins her makeup, and never wan’ give]

Commonly asked questions

  1. Who produced the lyrics for Wrong Way?

    This lirics prodiucer by Paul Leary.

  2. Can you name the individual who created this track? Wrong Way

    Wrong Way lyrics is written by Floyd Gaugh, Eric Wilson & Bradley Nowell

Wrong Way
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