Wheres Waldo 2 lyrics Meaning

Wendy J. Evans

By Wendy J. Evans

Wheres Waldo 2 song by C.M.L. from Primary Album No-sacrifice-no-reward. The music is composed and produced by Joel. Genre is Rap music. The Record company is unknown. Released on November 10, 2020.

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Wheres Waldo 2 Meaning

[[Mozzy and DJ Vlad Interview]
Vlad: So, how long after the video did he end up getting killed?
Mozzy: Probably uh, 24 hours
Vlad: 24 hours after you released it?
Mozzy: Probably less than that to keep it 100, probably like 12 hours
Vlad: Did that sort of change the way you look at shit because-
Mozzy: Everything. But you know at the same time, I told that man specifically, I’m finna do this video to the neck. ‘Cause uh, I was at a point in my life where I ain’t give a fuck. I ain’t even care like a little bit. Everybody got named in that video is somebody of essence, thеy somebody who is actually with the activities. Somеbody who fuck around. Somebody who will actually smoke you, behind putting they name in anything

[Intro: CML Lavish D]
(CML laughs)
Ohhhhh, you know you done fucked up right blood? (Iraq nigga)
Chase niggas down nigga (Mozzy you been a bitch nigga)
I’m Mr. Walkum Down nigga (About to expose your faggot ass nigga)
Dead homies nigga (On the dead homies nigga)

[Verse: CML Lavish D]
You stay with your thumbs down
But blood you never come ’round (uh uh)
You disrespected Jack and got your nigga Zo gunned down (blaow blaow)
We sliding all day, (rrt) we ain’t waiting ’til the sun down (uh uh)
Mozzy you a bitch, I’m the reason you don’t come ’round (facts)
And everybody know, we the reason that you hiding out (facts)
I’m really in the trenches nigga, living what you lie about (Iraq)
AR with a drum, (blaow) all I want to do is try it out (dead homies)
You sneak dissing the homies blood, that’s something you can die about (JJ)
You dickride Snubbz (hahaha)
But he smoking hard drugs (dirt)
Got a pipe full of crystal nigga, sleeping on the rug (dope fiend)
Old dirty ass nigga, put this bum in the tub (dirtbag)
You can get a dookie bag like E Mozzy at the club (E Mozzy)
You was laughing at Bris, but now I’m laughing at Squeeze (bitch)
We the reason that his candlelights and faces on tees (facts)
They couldn’t get to you, but they knocked over Neem (bop bop)
It’s a body on 4th Ave, they taping off the scene (hahaha)
I’m the Sacramento king
The only killer with the ring (yeah)
When we catch Celly Ru, we putting his body in a sling (dead homies)
I’m talking walking through the east, nigga is dressed like a fiend (what’s happenin’?)
Diamond got his soul snatched for going against the team (nigga)
You better ask Lil Trev (blaow) how he got Swiss cheese (blaow blaow blaow)
I’m from top 30 Gang, all you see is big 3’s (3 0)
My crip niggas in the back, throwing big C’s (cuh)
All we do is stretch niggas, like big tees
Stacks is a rat, (uh huh) Snubbz is a rat (facts)
But you always dropping tracks like you don’t fuck with it like that (hahaha)
You put ’em on when they came home, I guess you fuck with ’em like that
I guess they always got your back (bitch ass nigga) because you stuck with them like that (bitch)
Lil Nick just be talking, (facts) he ain’t never killed a Star (dead homies)
We gon’ do Hatti Phay like we gon’ do that nigga Skar (god)
Talking drop a whole 100, crack his head like a jar (blaow blaow blaow)
Now he forever geeking, ’cause he died in the car (bitch nigga)
Lil Tim you a nerd, (nerd) you ain’t never been hard (uh uh)
You can’t come to Sacramento blood, without some bodyguards (facts)
Uzzy Marcus you a bitch, (bitch) change your name to Uzzy Mark
I bet these .556s tear your cranium apart (dead homies)
You ain’t got enough heart (uh uh)
You a bitch like 3G (drugged faggot)
Bum ass nigga still shopping out of DD’s (facts)
Catch you loafing, we gon’ make you booboo and peepee (come here nigga)
All we do is up the score, nigga that’s a TD (blaow blaow blaow)
When we caught you lacking Tim, you tried to hide behind the bitch (hahaha)
Then you moved to LA, and tried to hide behind the crips
I ain’t hide behind shit, but this motherfucking stick (nigga)
All that barking ain’t shit, to a motherfucking pit (nigga)
You the fakest nigga rapping
On my mama, blood capping (yeah)
Tell Wack100 to set it up, let’s get it bracking (what’s happenin’ Wack nigga?)
You don’t want to take this fade, ’cause you know it’s ’bout to happen (know what’s up)
Ima put you on your pockets ’cause you softer than a napkin (bitch ass)
And the mobb don’t play (uh uh)
We all MozzyK (dem K)
Ask MirGang Faze, niggas flipped him broad day (flip that nigga over)
We catch that nigga Kony, we gon’ leave him on his face (blaow)
Fuck all your dead homies, nigga murder was the case (dead bitches)
I ain’t never signed a deal
All I do is keep it real (facts)
And all you do is lie and get your closest friends killed (facts)
We been on your ass, you was never in the field (on the dead homies)
I’m jumping out this Wraith like I’m worth a 100 mill’ nigga (30 Gang nigga)
, [Outro: CML Lavish D]
Old bitch ass nigga blood, you already know what’s happening nigga. You been soft as fuck, you was never in the motherfucking field. Blood you got lucky with this rap shit nigga, ’cause I was funking with every rap nigga in Northern California nigga. You dig what I’m saying? Then I went to the pen nigga for them 4 years nigga. Then I got out, and had to do another 3 years on the ankle monitor nigga. And you had your lawyers and your motherfucking managers nigga, you feel me, do some gay ass shit. They had my motherfucking parole officers make me sign papers nigga so I couldn’t say your name nigga. Old bitch ass nigga, you feel me? I had to be quiet nigga! You feel me while you dissing the homies, and the dead homies, and indirect talking, and thumbs down, and 30K? Yeah I had to sit back and watch you bitch ass nigga. But now I ain’t on parole nigga! And I’m on your ass nigga, I’m still on your ass nigga! You always sneak dissing the homies nigga. You a bitch, ’cause when we say shit, back to your faggot ass, and we really state facts and really say your name, motherfuckers want to say we hating. Nah nigga, it’s just the motherfucking truth nigga. I’m hopping out this motherfucking Rolls-Royce nigga, you know what I’m talking about, half a million dollars in jewelry on nigga. No motherfucking record deal, no motherfucking sponsors, no help at all, you know what I’m talking ’bout? Just a whole bunch of motherfucking dickriding, hating ass niggas. So what the fuck, I got to hate on your bitch ass for nigga? I did this shit my motherfucking self, got it out the motherfucking mud you dig what I’m saying? Yeah mane, yeah. You would still be a dirty ass nigga if it wasn’t for this rap shit. ‘Cause you was a bum before you got on with this music nigga. All them niggas in your circles is rats nigga. Facts nigga. Yeah, Hus Mozzy nigga yeah, he told on Retarded Mike nigga, you know what I’m talking ’bout, Snubbz, Snubbz told on Lil Nick nigga. Stacks, Stacks you told on [?] nigga. Leez nigga, you feel me, you got on the motherfucking witness stand nigga and told the whole motherfucking truth nigga. That’s the only reason you beat that motherfucking murder, that you didn’t even commit! And your uncle, Gangster Jeff, that niggas a rat nigga! That’s why them lil Shootergang niggas, you feel what I’m saying, be on that nigga ass! ‘Cause he a motherfucking rat! But you still run with that nigga, he got a MozzyK chain on, you dig what I’m saying, ’cause he a bitch just like your bitch ass nigga. Yeah. And when E Mozzy got that motherfucking shit bag nigga. You know motherfucking well them bullets was meant for your motherfucking ass nigga. And if I’m lying I’m dying nigga. On the dead homies nigga. We call you Waldo in the hood nigga. Yeah you hard to find nigga. Where’s Waldo nigga? Old hiding, scary ass nigga! You feel me, you a dickrider nigga. You got these mainstream rap niggas fooled mane. You got the internet fooled mane. But I got the streets on notice mane! You know that! You the definition of a dickrider mane! Everybody your motherfucking brother, everybody your friend, nigga you a motherfucking clown my nigga. Quit running from Maserati Ricky nigga. Yeah. And if anybody got a problem with what I’m saying nigga, yeah, holla at me when you beat me nigga on 3 0 nigga. Yeah and I ain’t lacking nigga. So approach with motherfucking caution nigga. Oh yeah!]

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    Wheres Waldo 2 lyrics is written by C.M.L.

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