when your sad you understand the lyrics


By Cynthia-G-Toups

Right…. First of all, let me tell you Music is something which makes you feel better all-time.. you’re having a bad day. just plug in ur earphones..with ur playlist on… high volume turned on …DONE ..you will feel better…

It’s TURE when we are happy we enjoy music… because we think of that ONE person who makes us smile … and is the reason for your happiness…you just rewind and play all the happy moments spent with them…

When we are sad we understand lyrics… because we think of life… what made us lead to this situation….and we remember n rewind about each and everything that hurt u so badly.. and made you sad..

# it’s the same music …same playlist… the same song… but only the matter of time…which makes a difference..for the SAME



Sad Quotes
I only wanted you

Some days are just bad days, that’s all

You Can Never Control Who You Fall In Love With

Prevent The Birds of Sadness

Ask God To Forgive Us For Our Sadness

We Can Experience Joy Because We Have Known Sadness

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