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By Wendy J. Evans

What Are We Waiting For song by Leslie Odom Jr. from Primary Album Album not found. The music is composed and produced by Joel. Genre is R&B music. The Record company is unknown. Released on None.

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As a gift to the fans to celebrate the band’s third anniversary, Why Don’t We released a stripped-back version of their hit single,

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What Are We Waiting For Meaning

[Reasons to call include
Going after the kill
I watched as love ensued
And I lost every ounce of my own free will
I see your mouth it’s a healthy shade of pink
But its only time that is keeping our bodies from sinking into the ground

What are we waiting for oh what are we waiting for

I am a lot like you I see beauty in all
But how long can we hold onto
This feeling we had just before the fall
You be the hero and i’ll be the victim you save
And we’ll come full circle when I find myself
Singing songs to you in your grave

What are we waiting for oh what are we waiting

I’m no good inside this mess
I’m a wild-eyed romantic but I’m drowning in my carelessness
And even when I’m with you and we’re dreaming our big dreams
I’m stuck somewhere between my two most dangerous extremes

Oh what are we waiting for oh what are we waiting for]
What Are We Waiting For
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  1. Who is featured in the What Are We Waiting For?

    What Are We Waiting For is credited as the featured artist on Nicolette Robinson

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