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Wendy J. Evans

By Wendy J. Evans

Well Known song by Devon Braxton from Primary Album In-between-side-a. The music is composed and produced by Joel. Genre is R&B music. The Record company is unknown. Released on July 2, 2018.

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Well Known Meaning

[[Intro: Zavion]

Hit the beat with a jab and a left stroke
Four, five hits in the studio
All these other clowns sleep in the bando
Got enough heat niggas greet me with carry ons
All up in my face like nice to meet you
Here’s my CD, go and play it out in Fiji, man these niggas reaching
Cause how you gon work me on vacation
On the islands vibe is timeless but tonight it feel a little breezy

[Verse 1: Devon Braxton]
Heyday, say yay
I’m spending all this money like it’s payday
You ain’t never seen me come this crazy
You ain’t ever heard me on a track with Zayday
Spitting truth in the booth ’til I’m giving you them shivers
We ain’t stopping ’til we both is making seven figures
Chilling in the stu, making bangers with seven types of liquor
Listen to the haters and neighbors and all the traders bicker
Don’t try to take away my triumph
Before I gotta get self-righteous
Why you gotta be so spineless
Why you gotta be so mindless
(Mindless of all the tools that’s been in front of you)
You just gotta know how to use them right
It don’t happen overnight, so don’t look at me with spite
Everybody’s eating so why don’t you have an appetite
Now you acting oh so quiet
All I hear from you is silence
Why you gotta be so spineless
Why you gotta be so mindless
(Mindless of all the times that you been struggling)
You ain’t ever really been alone
You just didn’t see your shot and now it’s gone
Guess you missed your chance to be well-known
, [Verse 2: Zavion]
Yeah, well-known
You just missed your chance, told all my niggas in advance, yeah
Living on the beach like Wayne, I’m playing in the sand
Hit my line
But this time if I reply, girl, I’ll be damned
Got Madonna’s pocket watch and like I’m making them my bride, yeah
They wanna catch a ride, but I got uber on my mind, yeah
Using me for juice, but she ain’t know I had the ice
I mean yeah I got the time, but sorry girl, I spend it wisely
Oh, I spend it wisely
I been on my grind and lately girl I been self-minding
Don’t think that I don’t love you, just a case of poorly timing
Ain’t worried ’bout no girl, just keep my mind on the deposit
Diamond chains, I’m rocking all this bred, I think I’m drowning
Took some time, but lately, I got used to my surroundings
Shooting dice with MJ, swear to god man, who gon stop me
Know I love to brag, but baby girl I’m being honest

Baby, girl I’m being honest

[Devon Braxton]
No, baby girl, don’t you be modest
I’ll give you everything you ever wanted
Just like I promised (Promised that)
, [Verse 3: Devon Braxton]
Promise that I buy you a nice ring
Honeymoon on tropical islands
Promise that I keep things exciting
Crash a party where we’re not invited
Promised you’ll always be reminded
Baby girl that you are the finest
Baby girl that you are the kindest
Ain’t no other woman has been so enticing
You know I ain’t playing when I put it like that
You know I be staying when you moving like that
You know I ain’t leaving when we go under the sheets
And then we do it on repeat, no I ain’t stupid like that
I’ma get us out the city, promise I’ma get a pretty
House up in the ‘burbs cause I been working
I been getting busy
Taking all the help cause I can’t do it all alone
And now it’s only a matter of time for my chance to be well-known

[Outro: Zavion]
Got a lot on my chest
Momma been stressing me the rest, yeah
Going through ten notebooks full of raps
And I’m only worried ’bout what’s next
Worried ’bout the time that I spent with my ex
Worried ’bout the checks I’ma catch
Worried ’bout the whole flex
Niggas swear I’ma change on ’em
Or better yet, get in that dress with my name on it
Niggas so scared to progress
Y’all so scared of the risk
Understand man, views only mean something
When you care about the man saying it, yeah
Got some big plans for myself
Why not get a whole band to myself
Why not live a whole life, stress-free in the hills
I’ll only take care of myself, yeah
Why is it so complicated, why do I feel obligated
Little do I have the patience
All y’all miss was the basics
All y’all miss was a little bit of self-motivation
All y’all miss was a long ass night
Where it’s only damn right, overthink situations
‘Bout time someone set it right through a track, man
All you ever needed was a pen and vision, yeah]

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Frequently posed queries

  1. What is the name of the producer of the lyrics for Well Known?

    This lirics prodiucer by TheBeatPlug.

  2. Who is the songwriter behind this hit single? Well Known

    Well Known lyrics is written by Zavion & Devon Braxton

  3. What is the name of the featured of the lyrics for Well Known?

    The lyrics featured in Well Known belong to ZavionThe featured artist in the song Well Known is Zavion

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