walking in the air irn bru lyrics


By Cynthia-G-Toups

walking in the air irn bru lyrics

We’re walking in the air,

I’m sipping on an Irn Bru,

my chilly snowman mate said he would like some too.

I told him get your own,

he looks like he is going to cry,

I tell him once again the Irn Bru is mine.

Now I’m falling through the air,

I wonder where I’m going to land,

he nicked my Irn Bru and let go of my hand.



Who distributes Irn-Bru in New Zealand?

Irn-Bru is distributed by the Scottish and Newcastle (S&N) brewery in New Zealand. They have been selling Irn-Bru since 1936.

In this answer, I have mentioned a few things about Irn-Bru that you should know:
This product was launched in Scotland in 1932 by the company McEwan’s Ltd. In 1937, it was renamed to “Iron Brew” and then it became known as “Irn Bru”. It is a carbonated beverage with a tangy taste of oranges and lemons. The name Irn Bru comes from the Scots word “brusach”, which means citrus fruit, but it has nothing to do with any food item. S&N introduced Irn Bru into New Zealand in 1959 after it had been sold for 20 years there under the brand name “Bruså”. There are several variants of Irn Bru including Iron Brew, Gold Blend and Malt Whisky Selections available across Australia and New Zealand.

bramtins and another place that sells 2 litre bottle in new zaland but im not sure where.

What is Irn-Bru?

Irn-Bru is a popular soft drink that has been manufactured in Scotland since 1881.
It is also the most famous drink of Scotland and has become a national icon. Irn-Bru was invented by John Grierson, who wanted to create a drink that could compete with the other soft drinks available at the time like Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola. He came up with his recipe for Irn-Bru using only Scottish ingredients such as barley malt, sugar beet syrup, water and soda ash (potassium carbonate). The ingredients were mixed together in Glasgow until they formed a smooth consistency. The taste of this sweet ginger ale was so popular among Scots that it soon became their favorite drink.

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