the lion and the unicorn


By Cynthia-G-Toups

The Lion and the Unicorn have a dispute about who is the most powerful. The Lion says he is, the Unicorn says she is. The argument goes on and on until finally, the Lion gets so angry that he bites the Unicorn’s tail off! Although this story may seem silly, it has a serious message

the lion and the unicorn

Listen to and watch the popular nursery rhyme “the lion and the unicorn song .”

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The lion and the unicorn
Were fighting for the crown
The lion beat the unicorn
All around the town.

Some gave them white bread,
And some gave them brown;
Some gave them plum cake
and drummed them out of town.

And when he had beat him out,
He beat him in again;
He beat him three times over,
His power to maintain.

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