Tajikistan national anthem


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Tajikistan national anthem English translation

1. Our beloved country,
We are happy to see your pride.
Let your happiness and prosperity be forever.
We have reached this day since ancient times,
We stand under your flag.CHORUS
Long live my Homeland,
my free Tajikistan!

2. Your are a symbol of our ancestors’ hope
Our honour and dignity,
Your are an eternal world for your sons,
Your spring will never end,
We remain loyal to you.


3. You are a Mother for all of us,
Your future is our future,
Your meaning is the meaning of our souls and bodies,
You give us happiness forever,
Because of you, we love the world!


Tajik lyrics (Cyrillic script)

1. Диёри арҷманди мо,
Ба бахти мо сари азизи ту баланд бод,
Саодати ту, давлати ту бегазанд бод.
Зи дурии замонаҳо расидаем,
Ба зери парчами ту саф кашидаем,
Зинда бош эй Ватан,
Тоҷикистони озоди ман!

2. Барои нангу номи мо
Ту аз умеди рафтагони мо нишонаӣ,
Ту баҳри ворисон ҷаҳони ҷовидонаӣ,
Хазон намерасад ба навбаҳори ту,
Ки мазраи вафо бувад канори ту,
канори ту


3. Ту модари ягонаӣ,
Бақои ту бувад бақои хонадони мо,
Мароми ту бувад мароми ҷисму ҷони мо,
Зи ту саодати абад насиби мост,
Ту ҳастиву ҳама ҷаҳон ҳабиби мост,
ҳабиби мост,

Tajik lyrics (Romanization)

1. Dieri archmandi mo
Ba bahti mo sari azizi tu baland bod,
Soadati tu, davlati tu begazand bod.
Zi durii zamonaho rasidaem
Ba zeri parchami tu saf kashidaem, kashidaem,CHORUS
Zinda bosh, ey Vatan
Tochikistoni ozodi man.

2. Baroi nangi nomi mo
Tu az umedi raftagoni mo nishonai
Tu bahri vorisoni chahon chovidonai,
Hazon namerasad ba navbahori tu,
Ki mazrai vafo buvad kanori tu, kanori tu,


3. Tu modare jagonai,
Bakoi tu buvad bahoi honadoni mo,
Maromi tu buvad maromi chismu choni mo.
Zi tu saodati abad nasibi most
Tu hastivu hama chahon habibi most habibi most

  • National anthem of Tajikistan
  • Lyrics Gulnazar Keldi
  • Music Suleiman Yudakov, 1946
  • Adopted September 1994
  • Preceded by “State Anthem of the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic”

Tajikistan national anthem info

Although many people may not have even heard the anthem of Tajikistan played, it is officially known as ‘Мова бораи духонос’ which translates to ‘Mother’s tongue, be proud.’ In 1992, a new version was adopted which used different words to the ones that were part of the Soviet Union’s anthem.
It wasn’t until three years later though that changes were made to this song. For a long time, there were a lot of debates over whether or not a Tajik-Persian or a Western type of music should be used for this anthem. The country’s government now hopes this work will help energize nationalism and make people feel more connected with their country because it now brings back fond memories from their childhood.
The anthem of Tajikistan was rewritten in 2005 by a committee of artists who were inspired by the vision of a young man named Farzon. This young man had the vision to express love and his devotion to his country, encouraging all citizens of Tajikistan to sing along.
Adapting an old folk tune from the 1930s allowed the words that were written for this song to be more meaningful, encouraging respect from its people for their country and their fellow countrymen.
On September 16th, Nazarsho Ismailov played this rendition at the ceremony at National Olympic Stadium where it was given its official recognition after having been publicly presented on May 10th the previous year in 2004 during celebrations in honor of one hundred years since Soviet & Russian presence in Tajikistan with this anthem playing at the same time when then-president made his speech during that special occasion!

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