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By Cynthia-G-Toups

The title song of Suits is named “Greenback Boogie”.

Well as you know Suits is based on the heavy fast-life corporate lawyer world based in the USA and the firm that is described in Suits is based in Wall street that only recruits Harvard Law Graduates.

Going by the theme lyrics is clearly depicts the cut throat corporate life and the money-making business, the desire to be on the top, the pace of the competition the little respite despite being working for long hours in the same workplace.


What is the meaning of the title song of Suits?


The song Greenback Boogie is about the classic meaningless of making more and more money and working till you die without any larger rhyme or reason.

“See the money wanna stay
For your meal
Get another piece of pie
For your wife”

Sounds to me like someone working under the table, doing illegal things, like maybe with the mob for “a piece of the pie.” “See the money wanna stay”: He sees how good the money is and doesn’t want to leave. He makes sure he shares the wealth, stays long enough so his wife also gets “a piece of the pie.”

“Everybody wanna know
How it feel
Everybody wanna see
What it’s like”

Everyone wants to know how it feels to be rich, everyone wants a taste of wealth.

“For baby wanna be a queen
Well alright
We all deserve the finer things
In this life”

Does the wife want to be treated like a queen perhaps? He’s justifying what he’s doing for money because he’s saying his wife, himself, maybe family and friends deserve the fineries in life.

“So working on a little job
In the night
That’s forty dollars an hour when I
See the light
The boss said I look tired
I don’t mind
He’ll be working in a small box
Til he die”

Boss says he looks tired during his day job because this guy’s working hard, pulling in greenbacks (slang for money) during the night. Illegal activity. But he doesn’t care what his boss says, his boss will just be working at the same cubicle office job for the rest of his life.

“For me I gotta be free
All my life
I want a little cream cheese
In my pie”

Wants more than he has. Not just the pie, he wants to add more flavor to his life. Maybe now he’s in over his head. Wealth is getting to him.

“Now puttin’ on a big wig
Walkin’ hall
Hanging with them big pigs
Huff and toss”

Being fancy and hanging with the big guys now (I’m going with mobsters) Not sure of the slang meaning of “huff and toss.”


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