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There are three ways to write lyrics.

1. Before starting the song, with vague ideas about the song direction.
2. After composing the instrumental parts, as the final stage.
3. Simultaneously working on them.

Method 1:

This is primarily used in making pop songs. Some people use methods 2 and 3 too. But pop being vocally driven needs an idea upfront.

Method 2:

I think this is the best way to do it. Have the entire song ready. It’s cool if lyrics are written as the final step of the song or done simultaneously (method 3). Since the verses, choruses, and the rest of the song are already done, you’ll get an idea of how to sing those particular lyrics over the composed music.

Steps involved:

1. Have the song structure ready: The order of arrangement of verse, chorus, bridge, etc.
2. Select a topic.
3. Draft your ideas for each part of the lyrics: Typically, you’ll introduce the topic in the first verse. Note down what you want to include. The second verse can contain the continuation, or a different view, etc. Chorus is usually repetitive. So once you do it most of the work is done. Chorus is the main part of the lyrics too. It is the part people will remember. Make it catchy. Emphasize the point of the song strongly in the choruses. And depending on the song structure, get creative and work on them.
4. Once the ideas are drafted, arrange them as lines of four. Use a rhyme scheme if required.
5. Note that you can write the lyrics in a narrative style as a story, about abstract and mysterious ideas, the state of the world, whine about love and breakups, etc.


If you’re writing about..say the moon. Draft the idea like this:
Dark background.
White orb in the sky.
Lifts darkness.

Construct the Verse like this:
The darkness began to set
Spreading through the night
The moon hadn’t risen yet
To set everything right.

This is just a crude example. It might sound bad when sung. You can edit your lyrics as and when you like to make them sound good. Note that my draft and the lyrics aren’t entirely dependent. Once you get the first two lines, getting the rest of it is easy. Repeat this for the rest of the song. Hope this helps. All the best.

Source: Quora