she’s mad but she’s magic song lyrics


By Cynthia-G-Toups

What does, “She’s mad but she’s magical. There’s no lie in her fire.” mean?


“She’s mad but she’s magic.”
She’s mad: Means she is is unapologetically herself, her ways of expression, her way of living her mind, heart & her life may be crazy, strange or extreme
But it is genuine, true to her heart, and Real.

She’s magic: Her complexity that which is both eccentric and profound; her quirks, her authenticity, and her oddities or unusual behavior all simultaneously flow together in Brilliance;

She is mad because she is REAl , her ability to truly be herself is MAD; (only a mad person is brave enough to be themselves/live honestly)
She is magic because in being herself, she mystifies him. Her energy and prescence is well, the perfect word: Magic.

He knows she is wild even for him, but her energy is both refreshing and intoxicating(Magic).

“There’s no lie in her Fire.”

Her willpower and energy is potent and unmistakable.
If you were to meet her, you would have no doubt of her powerful brilliance as well.


Famous lines from ‘An almost made up poem’ by Charles Bukowski.

Meaning :
“She’s mad but she’s magic” means no matter how she acts , normally or not, people like her anyway. Everything she does no matter how weird it is, is magical.

Second line means her behaviour can be odd but it is genuine and truthful. Whatever she does or tells you is truth. Her honesty is her hotness.


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