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ribbon in the sky lyrics meaning


By Cynthia-G-Toups

Stevie Wonder’s song “Ribbon in the Sky” is a very popular song. It was released on August 25, 1976, and it has been performed by him on numerous occasions.

The 0le of the song is inspired by a poem written by Arthur Guiterman 0led “Ribbon in the Sky”. Stevie Wonder sings about two children who are out on a night walk when they come across an abandoned ribbon tied to some trees. The kids follow the ribbon into the sky where they meet God. They are then told that life is full of adventure and wonderment which is what makes us human.

ribbon in the sky lyrics

I have always thought it was about finding true love after going through heartbreak. A ribbon in the sky could be a rainbow, and you can’t see the beauty of a rainbow without going through the rain. Oh, Stevie, how I love you!



Stevie Wonder


Oh so long for this night I prayed

That a star would guide you my way

To share with me this special day

Where a ribbon’s in the sky for our love

If allowed may I touch your hand

And if pleased may I once again

So that you too will understand

There’s a ribbon in the sky for our love



Do Do Do Do Do…



This is not a coincidence

And far more than a lucky chance

But what is that was always meant

Is our ribbon in the sky for our love, love


We can’t lose with God on our side

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We’ll find strength in each tear we cry

From now on it will be you and I

And our ribbon in the sky

Ribbon in the sky

A ribbon in the sky for our love




ribbon in the sky lyrics meaning

Most of it is just a straightforward love song. The only question might be what is a ribbon in the sky? I think it could mean when they look in the sky they imagine a ribbon there which is like the ribbon on a gift because the love they feel for each other is a gift so the ribbon in the sky is the ribbon on the gift of their love.

Or the ribbon could be something like a flag that heralds their love, only ribbon sounds more delicate than flag and doesnt have associations to a whole country so it works better as heralding an individual relationship.


What does the Stevie Wonder song “Ribbon in the Sky” mean?


A bow is a symbol written in the Bible as a promise from God after he flooded the Earth the promise to never do that again every time we see a rainbow it’s meant to be a reminder of the promise God made to us. A bow is an arched shape symbol a ribbon is like 1 rope but it can be arched twice and tied to create what we know as a ribbon bow it’s a symbol that becomes a tie between people with a promise it mentions they’ve got God on their side so that ribbon is tied into a bow before god meaning marriage it’s the seal of a promise in the marriage that kind of seal is not meant to be broken let’s tie the knot.

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colors possibly represent different types of bonds and personalities like ties between families ties between businesses the arch shape was the symbol originally used to represent the woman’s uterus for when she gives birth meaning a new life or a new beginning that’s why at weddings whether they realize it or not the arch which they stand under usually in garden weddings like as in a garden arch is a bow, its true origin represents a birth the new promise of life does not literally have to mean giving birth to a child it could be many things ideas (to make it a reality) like a new business it’s a tie that you become tied to (committed) once you commit to tying the ribbon. When you make a new life commitment using a bow is a symbol to ask God for his blessing, if you are fully prepared to make a promise to commit to that idea creating a birth a new beginning it’s now a true born path of life to commit to.


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