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By June H

Rank Strangers To Me song by Bob Dylan from Primary Album Down-in-the-groove. The music is composed and produced by Joel. Genre is Rock music. The Record company is unknown. Released on May 30, 1988.

Rank Strangers To Me Meaning

[[Verse 1]
I wandered again to my home in the mountain
Where in youth’s early days I was happy and free
I looked for my friends but I never could find them
I found they were all rank strangers to me

Everybody I met seemed to be a rank stranger
No mother or dad not a friend could I see
They knew not my name and I knew not their faces
I found they were all rank strangers to me

[Verse 2]
They all moved away, said a voice of a stranger
“To that beautiful home by the bright crystal sea”
Some beautiful day I’ll meet them in heaven
Where no one will be a stranger to me


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Commonly asked questions

  1. What is the name of the producer of the lyrics for Rank Strangers To Me?

    This lirics prodiucer by Bob Dylan.

  2. Can you name the individual who created this track? Rank Strangers To Me

    Rank Strangers To Me lyrics is written by Albert E. Brumley

  3. Who is the vocalist for this track?

    The Rank Strangers To Me lyrics Song vocalist is Bob Dylan

Rank Strangers to Me
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