pull my trigger let me blow your mind lyrics


By Cynthia-G-Toups


Ed Sheeran, Chris Stapleton, and Bruno Mars’ “Blow” Lyrics:

Verse 1 (Sung by Ed Sheeran)
I’m feelin’ like a bullet jumpin’ out a gun / I’m feelin’ like a winner / I feel like the one / You’re doing somethin’ to me / You’re doing somethin’ strange / Well, jump back, talk to me, woman / You make me wanna make a baby, baby, uh

Verse 2 (Sung by Chris Stapleton)
Supernatural woman, supernatural freak / Don’t know what you’re doin’, got me feelin’ weak / Oh, I wanna call you fever, baby, you can set a fire on me / Hot damn, pop it like a pistol, mama / You got me down on my knees, begging, please

Chorus: (Sung by Chris Stapleton)
I’m comin’, baby / I’m gunnin’ for you, yeah / Locked, loaded, shoot my shot tonight / I’m comin’, baby / I’m gunnin’ for you / Pull my trigger, let me blow your mind

Verse 3 (Sung by Bruno Mars)
You red leather rocket, you little foxy queen / Everybody’s watching, pretty little thing / Baby tell me, what’s your fantasy? / Come closer, let’s talk about it / You want white lines in a limousine / Whipped cream, and everything in between, yeah.

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