Petit Escargot children’s poem

Petit Escargot is a charming children’s poem about a small snail who is in a hurry to get somewhere. The poem is written in the voice of the snail, who tells us about all the different places it wants to go and the obstacles it encounters along the way. The snail encounters a variety of obstacles, including a rock, a leaf, and a mushroom, but it persists and eventually reaches its destination.

The poem is written in rhyme and has a catchy, sing-song quality that makes it a joy to read aloud. It is a perfect choice for young children, as it introduces them to the concept of perseverance and encourages them to keep trying, even when faced with challenges. Overall, Petit Escargot is a delightful and entertaining poem that will appeal to children of all ages.

Petit escargot, petit escargot,
Sortant de sa maison,
Il veut aller promener,
Mais il ne sait pas où.

Il monte sur une feuille,
Il descend sur un brin d’herbe,
Il rampe sur un caillou,
Il glisse sur un coussin.

Petit escargot, petit escargot,
Il est pressé, mais tranquille,
Il suit son petit chemin,
Et il finit par arriver.

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