Out To Pasture lyrics Meaning

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By Paul D. Watson

Out To Pasture song by Good Morning from Primary Album Out-to-pasture-misery. The music is composed and produced by Joel. Genre is Pop music. The Record company is unknown. Released on March 23, 2022.

Out To Pasture Meaning

Three, four

[Verse 1]
Now that my glory days are over
And I spent all my blessings as they came
It’s time to put me out to pasture and pray for the rain

[Verse 2]
Well, I guess this must weigh on you heavy
But know it comes with zero shame
Well, I headed out to meet my maker, but he stood me up again

[Verse 3]
Seems I’m stuck capturing that same feeling
But I received good news today
Still, I’m inclined towards songs of sadness and days washed down the drain]
Out To Pasture
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