New zealand national anthem


By Cynthia-G-Toups

The national anthem of New Zealand is “God Defend New Zealand”, also known as Te Pitopito o Te Henua in Māori, the indigenous language of New Zealand. The song was written in the 1870s by Thomas Bracken and is one of the few national anthems in the world to have different official lyrics in both English and Māori.

The lyrics of “God Defend New Zealand” express the nation’s love for its home, people, and land. The song honors the people of New Zealand, the unique flora and fauna, and the desire to protect and preserve its natural beauty. The words in Māori convey the importance of the land, the Māori culture, and the connection of the people to the land.

The anthem is played at many official events and sporting fixtures and is a symbol of national pride and unity. It is also frequently performed in schools, with children learning the words and singing it with pride.

In 1977, “God Defend New Zealand” was officially declared the national anthem of New Zealand, taking its place alongside the national emblem and flag. The song’s popularity and importance have only grown since then, with its stirring melodies and heartfelt lyrics continuing to inspire New Zealanders from all walks of life.

New zealand national anthem

God Defend New Zealand

God of Nations at Thy feet,
In the bonds of love we meet,
Hear our voices, we entreat,
God defend our free land.
Guard Pacific’s triple star
From the shafts of strife and war,
Make her praises heard afar,
God defend New Zealand.

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Men of every creed and race,
Gather here before Thy face,
Asking Thee to bless this place,
God defend our free land.
From dissension, envy, hate,
And corruption guard our state,
Make our country good and great,
God defend New Zealand.

Peace, not war, shall be our boast,
But, should foes assail our coast,
Make us then a mighty host,
God defend our free land.
Lord of battles in Thy might,
Put our enemies to flight,
Let our cause be just and right,
God defend New Zealand.

Let our love for Thee increase,
May Thy blessings never cease,
Give us plenty, give us peace,
God defend our free land.
From dishonour and from shame,
Guard our country’s spotless name,
Crown her with immortal fame,
God defend New Zealand.

May our mountains ever be
Freedom’s ramparts on the sea,
Make us faithful unto Thee,
God defend our free land.
Guide her in the nations’ van,
Preaching love and truth to man,
Working out Thy glorious plan,
God defend New Zealand.


E Ihowā Atua,
O ngā iwi mātou rā
Āta whakarangona;
Me aroha noa
Kia hua ko te pai;
Kia tau tō atawhai;
Manaakitia mai

Ōna mano tāngata
Kiri whero, kiri mā,
Iwi Māori, Pākehā,
Rūpeke katoa,
Nei ka tono ko ngā hē
Māu e whakaahu kē,
Kia ora mārire

Tōna mana kia tū!
Tōna kaha kia ū;
Tōna rongo hei pakū
Ki te ao katoa
Aua rawa ngā whawhai
Ngā tutū e tata mai;
Kia tupu nui ai

Waiho tona takiwā
Ko te ao mārama;
Kia whiti tōna rā
Taiāwhio noa.
Ko te hae me te ngangau
Meinga kia kore kau;
Waiho i te rongo mau

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Tōna pai me toitū
Tika rawa, pono pū;
Tōna noho, tāna tū;
Iwi nō Ihowā.
Kaua mōna whakamā;
Kia hau te ingoa;
Kia tū hei tauira;

new zealand national anthem lyrics

FAQ – National anthem of new zealand

What is the name of the New Zealand national anthem?
Answer: “God Defend New Zealand”

Who wrote the lyrics for the New Zealand national anthem?
Answer: Thomas Bracken

When was the New Zealand national anthem officially adopted as the country’s official anthem?
Answer: 1940

What language is the New Zealand national anthem sung in?
Answer: English

How many verses does the New Zealand national anthem have?
Answer: 4 verses. However, only the first verse is commonly sung.


“God Defend New Zealand” holds a special place in the hearts of New Zealanders and represents the love and connection they have with their country and its people. It is a powerful expression of the nation’s values and identity, and a source of inspiration and pride for generations to come.

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