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By Cynthia-G-Toups

What is the meaning of the video of Magenta Riddim by DJ Snake?

Dj Snake plays the role of a firefighter who is visiting India to show them what to do in case of a small fire (which we didn’t know till now, seriously bruh? ). So while those Indian firefighters were rejoicing (or dancing) after Snake’s visit, their leader enters and he also starts dancing with them while washing his hands which were covered with soot. Then they all go to deal with the fire that is far away from the town. While extinguishing the fire, the small guy notices the Magenta Riddim matchbox which Snake had given to their leader, and then he realizes that their leader himself set that place on fire so that later he could win a medal/prize from the government. See how Dj Snake made this music video, I think he wanted to tell us about the corruption in India, but we don’t care, we only want to dance and ignore.


In the very beginning of the video, DJ Snake is portrayed as the representative of the “French Fire Squad”, who comes to India for a Fire Drill, with a “highly decorated” local fire crew (i.e. the Indian fire crew). It is also shown, for a brief moment, that the box, having the matches used to light the fire, for the drill, had “Magenta Riddim” written on it. Later in the video, the local fire crew rushes to douse a terrible wildfire. While the other firemen are busy enjoying themselves while extinguishing the fire, the fireman with the short stature discovers a bottle of kerosene, and the matchbox with “Magenta Riddim” written on it, at the site of the wildfire. He realizes that the fire was not an accident, but was deliberately started by one of the firemen (most probably Captain Raj), in order to gain fame and support from society and the government. This also explains the crestfallen face of the short fireman on receiving the award, while the rest of the crew appears jovial.


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