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Kalinka Nursery rhymes is a beautifully illustrated children’s book that is sure to delight your little ones. Written by Yvette Teixeira and illustrated by Astrid Zandile Dlamini, this book is full of nursery rhymes that will make your kids laugh out loud.

Kalinka lyrics English

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Little red berry,
Little red berry of mine!
In the garden is a little raspberry,
My little raspberry!

Under the green pine tree
Lay me down to sleep
Oh, lyuli, lyuli, oh, lyuli, lyuli,*
Lay me down to sleep.

Beautiful woman, soul-maiden,
Fall in love with me!
Oh, lyuli, lyuli, oh, lyuli, lyuli,
Fall in love with me!

Kalinka lyrics in Russian

Калинка, калинка,
калинка моя!
В саду ягода малинка,
малинка моя!

Сосенушка ты зелёная
Не шуми ты надо мной
Ай люли, люли, ай, люли, люли,
Не шуми ты надо мной


Красавица, душа-девица,
Полюби же ты меня,
Ай, люли, люли, aй, люли, люли,
Полюби же ты меня!


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Kalinka Nursery rhymes tell the story of a little girl named Kalinka who is always up for a good time. She loves going on adventures with her friends, playing games, and eating delicious snacks. Throughout the book, Kalinka experiences all sorts of exciting moments, from being chased by a bear to swimming in a river.

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The illustrations are colorful and cheerful, and they are perfect for bringing the story to life. This book is perfect for children aged 3-7 years old, and it will make them laugh out loud every time they read it. If you’re looking for a fun and entertaining way to spend your weekend afternoon, Kalinka Nursery rhymes are definitely worth checking out!

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