kala doriya lyrics translation in english

Kala Doriya means “Black and White”. The lyrics of the song are:
I am a soul in search of your spirit. I am the star and you are my moon. I love to see you dance with life’s passion.
The meaning of this song is to express one’s feelings for another person. It is also an expression of love for someone, or about something beautiful like nature, natural beauty, etc.

What is the translation of the song Kala Doriya by Surinder Kaur, stanza-by-stanza, from Punjabi to English?

Will this two patch up? Let’s see 🙂

Kaala Doria Kunde naal Adeya ee oye → HEY There! The black stoll (scarf) has gotten stuck in a hook,
Chota Devra Bhabhi naal Ladeya ee oye → The junior brother in law has had a tussle with sister-in-law…
Chote Devra Teri Door Palai Ve
Na Ladd Sohneya Teri ikk Bharjaai Ve → Oh sweet BiL you have to go far, please don’t fight with your SiL since you have only one…

Channa churi da na makkhan aunda ee nai
Ke laija Bhata ae mera Dhola Khanda ee nai → Bowl has been filled with beaten sweet bread and has no Butter… But take away this morsel because my darling does not want to eat
Kaala Doria Kunde naal Adeya ee oye
Chota Devra Bhabhi naal Ladeya ee oye
Kukdi oh laini jehdi kud-kud kardi ae
Sohre nai jaana Sass bud-bud kardi ae → I want to have a hen which does a lot of pecking (kud-kud is sound which hens make)… But I don’t want to go to my in-laws home because my Mother In Law does a lot of Heckling/Pestering (bud-bud)
Kukdi oh laini jehdi aande dindi ae
Sohra daye jhidkan meri jutti sehendi ae! → I want to have a hen which lays a lot of eggs, my Father-in-Law chides me alot which only my shoes endure!
Kaala Doria Kunde naal Adeya ee oye
Chota Devra Bhabhi naal Ladeya ee oye
O Sutthna Cheent Dian Multaano aayian ne
K Maavan apnia jinna reejhan laayian ne → These exquisite sheets of cotton have come from Multaan (Pakistan) and it is by earnestness of our mothers that this has happened
O Kameejan Silk Dian eh Dillion Aayian ne
Sassan baganadiyan jinna galon lohian ne → These gowns of Silk have come from Delhi but the cursed Mother In Laws who are separate from us have separated these gifts from us
Kaala Doria Kunde naal Adeya ee oye
Chota Devra Bhabhi naal Ladeya ee oye
Sun lai Gall Kite eh bhabho meri ne
Jake puttar de kann bhare haneri ne→ Oh Damn! My sister-in-law heard these rants and went like a storm to fill the lad’s (my junior BiL) ears about me saying all this…
Sun ke vatt bada Dhole nu chadeya ee oye
Laayi lagg maayia saade naal ladeya ee oye→ Oh Damn! my junior BiL got pissed hearing what my SiL told… and the poor chap who can be lead easily came and fought with me…
Kaala Doria Kunde naal Adeya ee oye
Chota Devra Bhabhi naal Ladeya ee oye

(now it gets really sweet)
Oye aakhe amma de one fadd layi soti ae
Mudd ja sohneya main teri chann jehi vohti ve → DAMN! Coerced by her mother the BiL has picked up a stick to hit me… Turn back darling, I’m your moon-like beloved!
Nindiya vaddeya di na kade saharaan ni
Tur ja peke nu main rawaan kuwaara ni!→ Junior BiL says “The insult of my elders I will never take lying down… Go back to your maternal home you LADY i will stay single!!”
Kaala Doria Kunde naal Adeya ee oye
Chota Devra Bhabhi naal Ladeya ee oye

(the lady realizes her mistake and….)
Maavan laad ladaa dhiyan nu vigaadan ni
Ke Sassan de de mattan umran nu savaaran ni → Mothers pamper their daugters thus spoiling them… but Mother-in-Laws give necessary advises which make one’s life!
Maayia bhul gayi soun ajj to khaawan main
Agge vaddeya de nitt sees nivavan main!→ (to BiL) Dear my mistake, but I swear from today.. That in front of elders I will always bow my head
Kaala Doria main hune rangaani aan
Chote Devar nu main aap viyaani aa→ This black stoll I will get dyed right now and will personally make sure my BiL gets married soon 🙂

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