Hollywood Dreaming lyrics Meaning

George E. Anderson

By George E. Anderson

Hollywood Dreaming song by Reezill from Primary Album Album not found. The music is composed and produced by Joel. Genre is Rap music. The Record company is unknown. Released on None.

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Hollywood Dreaming Meaning

[Ya ya
Another day another morning
Thanks to God another day another morning
Ain’t no vacations in my vocation shawty
One man’s trash to another is ballin
10000 hours till the trickshots fall in
But dont lose your way and forget what’s your callin I…
Got the Taekwonflows, people fuck with my music legs open case closed
Want my net worth to rival the ends of rainbows
In a couple years what will my resume show instrumentals for the mentals
Soul for the soul
Alphabetic I need a medic insane mode
Anaesthetic cause I’m poetic with pain though
Apologetic fuck synergetics in lane mode, oof..shii
The flow frojo
Marry a Chick named Lin and call her monroe
RIP to swagger back daggers and ferragamo
Meet a fuckin royal and ask him you wanna rumble wassup ..
How you doing at this moment
Every self doubt typa thought Is an omen
If you let it conquer you it turns into a roman
Time to fight back and seize your season in the open, haha
We all just Hollywood dreamin
Leave this beat steamin as I delve into the meaning
Your food steam leaving watching other men eating
Fulfilling their dreams got us dreaming
Achieving while odd can you even ?
Kill inner demons
Rope skipping and quarter picking this our eden we keep eating the apple deceiving as lies deepen
I been cooking if you can’t smell it your nose leakin, ooo
You too busy sneak peakin
Sneak diss reapin while we here in hells kitchen
Heat not needed our palms bend fire
Bread not needed our wheat inspire
Worship messiahs of eternal empires
Clip the wrong wires when you blow to retire wassup ..
Be wise with your finances
Fine asses only leave as your time passes
I fight Rapids ain’t got time for you spite rappers
You ain’t factors ain’t scary ain’t fear factors ..
I’d throw a stack on my echelon
But first I need to build up my echelon ..
I’d tap dance on a telethon
Just to get my mother everything she wished for ..
What we outchea getting lit fooooor
We don’t even really know
, Ya
We don’t even really know
We dont even really know
I’m only outchea sweatin for the ones I really owe
I’m only outchea sweatin for the God I really owe
And I ain’t crying for the ones that I dont really know
I gotta lotta enemies I need to pray for ….
Shii, hehe…..]
Hollywood Dreaming
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