Get Lost Kanye West

Get Lost Kanye West

I still get lost in night
Lost in my dreaming time
Memories back from fine
Back to get all my time
I still get lost when trying

Memory back from time
All my thoughts on at night
All my life’s on the line
I still get lost at night
Memory back from mine

‘Member we had one night?
‘Member we had the night?
I still get lost sometimes
Memories haunting mind
‘Member we had the mind?
‘Member we had the mind?
I’m gon’ get lost sometimes

Mеmber we cry sometimеs
I went through final fight
While you was mine, all mine
Somehow, we got to meet
Now you stay off the streets
Walked out without the love
Soccer without the cleats
Fucked up and on repeat

‘Bove all the night, I beat
I know I’m back to sleep
What a new sight to see, what do you write for me?
What will feel right for me?
I did what’s right for me
I fought from fighting me
Well, I would like to see
I still get lost sometimes
Far from my state of mind

Stay on the vibes alright
When do I cross your mind?
When do you see my pride?
I’ve got a Pablo shine

Pride is the number line
Okay, well, never mind
Okay, then, never mind
Do I still cross your mind?
If not, then, never mind
If not, then, never mind

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