Faith in the Future Album (Deluxe)

Why was the album named “Faith in the Future?” When I was thinking about what this album should be called, I wanted it to have a more hopeful tone than my last album. The phrase “Faith in the Future” popped into my head and I ran with it. I put it out on social media with no context and people seemed to really connect with it. So, I built the album around that idea.

Faith in the Future Album Tracklist

  1. The Greatest Lyrics
  2. Written All Over Your Face Lyrics
  3. Bigger Than Me Lyrics
  4. Lucky Again Lyrics
  5. Face the Music Lyrics
  6. Chicago Lyrics
  7. All This Time Lyrics
  8. Out of My System Lyrics
  9. Headline Lyrics
  10. Saturdays Lyrics
  11. Silver Tongues Lyrics
  12. She Is Beauty We Are World Class Lyrics
  13. Common People Lyrics
  14. Angels Fly Lyrics
  15. Holding On To Heartache Lyrics
  16. That’s the Way Love Goes Lyrics
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