Couldnt Be Better Movie Version lyrics Meaning

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By David S. Lodge

Couldnt Be Better Movie Version song by Kelly Clarkson from Primary Album Uglydolls-original-motion-picture-soundtrack. The music is composed and produced by Joel. Genre is Pop music. The Record company is unknown. Released on April 26, 2019.

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Couldnt Be Better Movie Version Meaning

[[Verse 1]
Hello gorgeous, let’s check out how you look today
Short and stubby, and, my gosh, look how much you weigh
You’re pinkish red, got this thing on your head, and woah
Girl, you couldn’t look better
Shake the sleep off and kick into the morning drill
It’s another awesome day here in Uglyville
Grab your shoes, time to spread the good news, woah
Things just couldn’t be better

Call it hope or faith, whatever
I just know in my heart, it’s the day I’ve waited forever

‘Cause there’s a scrambled sun in a tangled sky
And the moon couldn’t be any brighter
And as the slam big city goes rocketing by
Oh, my head couldn’t feel any lighter
It’s like a funhouse ride, the kind you just can’t miss
Call it crazy, and yet, is there anything better than this?
Life just couldn’t be better than this

[Verse 2: Blake Shelton, Wanda Skyes, Unknown TBA]
Nevermind that, I’ll tell you what the day’ll bring
First a shindig, then a bash, then more partying
Top it all with a rave, then a ball (oh, woah-oh)
Yeah, you know it couldn’t be better
Morning Loxy, got something new you wanna try?
It’s a brownie cupcake fudge berry ice cream pie
Just one bite, who these kids? Am I right? Babo
It just couldn’t taste better
, [Pre-Chorus: Kelly Clarkson & Blake Shelton]
And soon, you-know-what is coming
But until it arrives, might as well keep the party humming, yeehaw

Yes, it’s a square peg life in a round hole town
But the folks couldn’t be any sweeter (Sweeter)
It may be upside backwards and wrong side down
But it just couldn’t feel more completer

And there’s so much to do
And it’s all such bliss
There’s no reason to fret
What could ever be better than this?
No, it couldn’t get better than

[Verse 3: Pitbull]
Stop the press, ugly dog is here
Story of the day, of the month, of the year
Here’s a little scoop on the way down low
Check-check-check out the flow
The cats are rapping, lobster snapping
But only the dog makes the party happen
So put in your paper, seal it with a kiss
It couldn’t bet better than this
, [Chorus]
Another madhouse night in a crazy quilt world
And our hearts couldn’t soar any higher
We’ve got our freak flags flying, completely unfurled
And we just couldn’t be more fire
And life’s a nonstop blast, it’s utter awesomeness
Yeah, it’s crazy, you bet, but it couldn’t get better than this
It’s crazy, you bet, it could never get better than this
Could never be better than this
Could it be better than this?

[Outro: Kelly Clarkson]
Guess another sun has set
And another moon has smiled
I’m still just one more doll
Still waiting for her child
I’m sure it’s gonna happen
Just like the story says
There’s a new day ’round the corner
And it just might be the day]
Couldn’t Be Better (Movie Version)
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Commonly asked questions

  1. Who is the person responsible for producing the lyrics of Couldnt Be Better Movie Version?

    This lirics prodiucer by Jesse Shatkin.

  2. What is the name of the person who wrote this song? Couldnt Be Better Movie Version

    Couldnt Be Better Movie Version lyrics is written by Glenn Slater & Christopher Lennertz

  3. Whose lyrics are featured in Couldnt Be Better Movie Version?

    The lyrics featured in Couldnt Be Better Movie Version belong to UglyDolls CastThe featured artist in the song Couldnt Be Better Movie Version is UglyDolls Cast

  4. Who is responsible for mixing the lyrics

    Couldnt Be Better Movie Version song lyrics mixing Engineer by Mark “Spike” Stent & Michael Freeman

  5. Who is the vocalist behind the track?

    The Couldnt Be Better Movie Version song lyrics vocalist is UglyDolls Cast, Wanda Sykes, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson & Pitbull

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