cook islands national anthem

cook islands national anthem

God is Truth

God of truth,
you are the ruler
of our country.

Please listen
to our voices
as we call to you.

Protect and guide us
and give us your crown of truth
so we can be successful
and so that love
and peace will rule forever
over our beloved country,
over our beloved country.


The lyrics of the National Anthem of Cook Islands

Te Atua Mou E

Te Atua mou ē
Ko koe rāi te pū
O te pā ‘enua ē.

‘Akarongo mai
I tō mātou nei reo
Tē kāpiki atu nei.

Pāruru mai
I a mātou nei
‘Omai te korona mou
Kia ngāteitei
Kia vai rāi te aro’a
O te pā ‘enua ē.
O te pā ‘enua ē.

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