can i make lyrics video on youtube

can i make lyrics video on youtube



Yes! you can make money by making lyrics video on youtube.

But make sure, not to get involved in copyright issues. There are a few ways you can prevent the problem to some extent. Before going to that let us understand how will you tube take action against you.

So now let us suppose you have the channel and you have already started making money. Now if any of the owners of the music that you have uploaded in your channel claims copyright, youtube will verify if it was your original or not. Which in your case they will find negative, so you tube will take down that video and issue a warning to you. Three warnings in 3 months may lead to the suspension of your channel. So the point here is if somehow the owner is not claiming copyright you will never be in trouble.

Therefore you must focus on ways you can avoid those issues. You may try the following :

  1. Never forget to mention who the music belongs to, that is to say, you must give credit to the owner of the music.
  2. If in case youtube issues a warning you can contact the owner of the music and request them to take down the claim on certain terms and conditions.
  3. Usually, if you agree to share the income the owners won’t have much problem.
  4. Try to give a link to the original video in the description.
  5. Try to include a disclaimer in the start of the video, provide proper information about the owner of the music.
  6. Or you may not want to monetize those videos which you think may get copyright claims, in this way you can always increase the number of traffic to your channel
  7. Once your subscribers increase slowly start uploading your genuine videos, which will surely help you make money
  8. And lastly, i would recommend watching videos and reading more about the topic.
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Once you become you tuber you shall come to know a lot many ways out. But in the very first place start something.

You sure can. Without a doubt.

Say you start a channel or you already have a channel.

You take popular music videos, put them into a software where you can create videos and edit the content e.g

Power Director, Final Cut and if you want to get real technical the Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Apple Final Cut Pro X Apple iMovie (for Mac OS X)Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X10 etc etc

But you won’t need that for what you want to do.

Just use a simple one that is free for the computer you use.

Anyway import the video in, and start familiarising yourself with the editing tools.

Find the title or subtitle function and start putting lyrics into every segment of the song you chose.

when you’re done save and export your video and upload to YouTube. You can make money from this for sure because people are always going to search for videos with lyrics so they can sing along etc.

So that is the watered down version of how to do it but if you make hundred of videos with lyrics to peoples favourite songs, with subscribers and views etc sooner or later Youtube will come knocking.

Edit: I forgot to add, you don’t need the video, you can use a background from the video editing software and just import the audio. Then add the lyrics against a background:) Which might be easier.All the very best!

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Therefore you can use the audio in two ways:

  1. Get permission from the owner
  2. You can disable monetization and upload the video & give credit to the creator & hope you would not get a strike.

My opinion is that you can create your own song & can use it anywhere


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