bye baby bunting lyrics

Are you looking for a fun and cheerful way to say goodbye to your newborn? Try singing the bye baby bunting song! This joyous song is perfect for welcoming your little one into the world, and it can be sung in any language. Just click the link below to listen to a recording of the song in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, and Japanese. We hope you enjoy it!

bye baby bunting

Listen to and watch the video of the classic nursery rhyme “bye-bye baby bunting ” below.

Bye, baby Bunting,
Daddy’s gone a-hunting,
Gone to get a rabbit skin
To wrap the baby Bunting in

“Bye, Baby Bunting” Original Version

Bye, baby Bunting,
Father’s gone a-hunting,
Mother’s gone a-milking,
Sister’s gone a-silking,
Brother’s gone to buy a skin
To wrap the Baby Bunting in


bye baby bunting meaning

Do you know the meaning of bye, baby bunting? If not, read on to learn more about this popular tradition! Bye, baby bunting is a symbol of goodbye and good luck. It is often seen worn by pregnant women as they leave their hospital beds to enter the world outside again. The meaning of bye and baby bunting may vary from culture to culture, but it is usually seen as a symbol of happiness and good fortune.

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