Astyle lyrics Meaning


By Alana H

Astyle song by Sus from Primary Album Suspicious-activity. The music is composed and produced by Joel. Genre is UK Drill, UK Rap, Rap music. The Record company is unknown. Released on February 6, 2022.

The video came from: Youtube

Astyle Meaning

Ay, big steppa, A-Style
You get me?
Fuck the other side, make your mothers cry

[Part 1]
Horrible scene when Mizz got packed
That’s brains and guts in the QC flats
Ask their residents, it’s no cap
They get woke up when we bang our waps
Ask their 24-hour bossman
How many times we came on wass
R1 left his bro to get packed
Raha, why you do Culps like that?
Haha, man just bill that
Smoke your friend with my friend that killed that
Anything 6, man, drill that
Gucc’ in my blunt, ‘cah his wig got peeled back
No cap, shit got blow back
Laugh when I see F1 post throwbacks
And I see Crack5 chattin’ shit on live
I laughed, then billed up a Rose pack
Big steppa, everyone knows that
Chat all you want, but you can’t get your bros back
Action ran and Squeeze got chinged up
Bet he got parts where his hair won’t grow back
Hold that, shh done felt my whole shank
Hold that, dead boy, roll that, pour up, toast that
Jailed five times, fuck feds
Like Ceemizz eyes I don’t wanna roll back
Bro said “Mindhiiga dhaq”
I asked him: “What does that mean?”
Bro, our shanks are covered in Squeeze
Grab some bleach and give it a clean
Reckz saw me and speeded off (Neeoom)
How you gon’ mention me?
How many man got drenched by me?
Got stretched and left by S x3
K on the 5, K on the 1 side
My right hand made two sides grieve
Bored up Lebz, he was screaming, “Please”
Kash got hit by the whip, then skeet
So Gutta, how you gonna change your name like anything changed?
You’re still a neek
Blitz stepped out, two hands on the 12
And saw GH get quick with his feet
Back and neck, when gang done Minty
Belly when Yevz done Psycho
Head and chest when gang turned Calvin Runtz
Smallz in the back like “Bye bro”
They’re bad on the net, not live O
Drillz got wet, he ran to the Five-O
V1 got robbed for his pack, and then he got splashed outside, no lido]
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