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Our Fatherland

Our Fatherland, free, independent,
That has for centuries lived,
Is now summoning its sons
To the free, independent Armenia.

Here is a flag for you, my brother,
That I have sewn by hand
Over the sleepless nights,
And bathed in my tears.

Look at it, tricolored,
A valuable symbol for us.
Let it shine against the enemy.
Let you, Armenia, be glorious forever.

Death is the same everywhere,
A man dies but once,
Blessed is the one that dies
For the freedom of his nation.

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Mer Hayrenik

Mer Hajrenikh, azat ankax,
Vor aprel e daredar
Jur vordikhy ard kančhum en
Azat, ankax Hajastan.

Aha jeɣbajr khez mi droš,
Vor im ʒeřkhov gorcechi
Gišernery jes khun čheɣaj,
Artasukhov lvachi.

Najir nran jerekh gujnov,
Nvirakan meř nšan
Thoɣ phoɣphoɣi thšnamu dem
Thoɣ mišt panca Hajastan.

Amenajn teɣ mahy mi e
Mard mi angam pit meřni,
Bajch jerani, vor jur azgi
Azatuthjan kzohvi.

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